Isis Town and Country - - Opinion - By LAYLA MIGHELL, YR 8 Isis Dis­trict State High School

De­pres­sion is like 10 thou­sand hands pulling you un­der, Each minute get­ting worse, As you go into the dark, The dark mis­er­able place no one wants to see, De­pres­sion, It’s not a nice word, It’s not a nice sit­u­a­tion, No mat­ter how loud you scream,

The hands con­tinue to pull you un­der,

By this point you can’t con­trol it, You keep sink­ing, Like sink­ing sand, Slowly, Painfully, Yet, They pull you un­der quickly, No choice from there, Ex­cept a lad­der, An ex­tremely dif­fi­cult lad­der to climb, Are you go­ing to climb it? Yes? Then good, No, Re­ally? Then you’ll be there for­ever in the midst of black uni­verse, No way out, But the lad­der? It’s still there, De­te­ri­o­rat­ing as such, It will start to dis­ap­pear, Slowly and painfully, Just like you did, From then? Yeah, No way out...

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