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ECO­NOMIC man­age­ment has been dis­cussed quite a lot lately, with elec­tions com­ing up and de­bate on the per­for­mance of LNP fed­eral and state gov­ern­ments. The business com­mu­nity has been rais­ing the is­sue of in­clud­ing over­seas on­line pur­chases be­ing levied the GST to put them on the same foot­ing of Aus­tralian com­pa­nies. Folks, I have a far bet­ter idea. Let’s just get rid of the GST al­to­gether. Un­til it was in­tro­duced by the for­mer Howard gov­ern­ment, Aus­tralia did not have a GST. Ever since it has been brought in, it has proven to be a costly bur­den on all Aus­tralian res­i­dents. It also cre­ated a red-tape night­mare and has made it harder to live for ev­ery­one, from pen­sion­ers and un­em­ployed to peo­ple run­ning busi­nesses. When it was brought in, we were promised that other taxes would drop to com­pen­sate and that it would not make any dif­fer­ence to the cost of liv­ing. All of that has proven to be a lot of non­sense as other taxes have not dropped and the cost of liv­ing has gone through the roof. Gov­ern­ments prom­ise too much prior to elec­tions and un­nec­es­sary spend­ing should be cut out, and have Aus­tralia live within its means. Let’s do away with all th­ese big plans for a big Aus­tralia. We can live with­out the high­ways be­ing dual car­riage­way from Cairns to Mel­bourne via Syd­ney. We can also live with­out baby bonuses, paid parental leave and hous­ing grants. Folks, taxes were low in this coun­try once, yet we had rail­ways ev­ery­where, postage, power etc was cheap. Now, tax is killing ev­ery­thing, power is dear and get­ting worse and there is a plan to dou­ble postage costs.



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