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You’ll en­joy the sense that some­thing which has been up in the air will fi­nally be set­tled this week, as Thurs­day’s New Moon will usher in a new phase in your ca­reer, di­rec­tion, col­lab­o­ra­tions or so­cial life. And, if com­mu­ni­ca­tions are a lit­tle ex­citable this week­end or early next week, pre­pare for a more sta­ble ex­pe­ri­ence to­wards the end of the week. You’ll en­joy feel­ing em­pow­ered.


You’ll be open to do­ing some­thing new this week­end, although you’ll feel right at home as lovers all around the world unite for St Valen­tine’s Day. This week’s New Moon sug­gests you’re be­gin­ning a fresh ven­ture or turn­ing a new leaf within your sta­tus or di­rec­tion and, while set­tling in may take some time, rest as­sured that by Fri­day, you’ll feel more com­fort­able and se­cure.


A project will grab your at­ten­tion this week, as you’ll get the green light to go ahead with im­por­tant plans, in­clud­ing travel, legal, writ­ten, spir­i­tual or sporty events. A col­lab­o­ra­tion will go ahead af­ter weeks of de­lays; you may be on the re­ceiv­ing end of pos­i­tive en­cour­age­ment at work, too. Mars in your ca­reer zone will mo­ti­vate you to work hard and you could see great re­sults.


An il­lu­mi­nat­ing re­la­tion­ship will turn a cor­ner this week, and you may sense that a mini learn­ing curve is kick­ing in. You may feel that a par­tic­u­lar re­la­tion­ship is un­ortho­dox or un­usual, although by the end of this week, you should see that sta­bil­ity and se­cu­rity could be work­able fac­tors too. Ro­man­ti­cally, this could be an en­light­en­ing time. Sin­gles may meet an un­usual char­ac­ter.


You’ll en­joy an up­lift­ing event this week­end, and so­cial­is­ing and net­work­ing will ap­peal. The more ro­man­tic you are, the more you’ll en­joy St Valen­tine’s Day, and tak­ing the ini­tia­tive and try­ing a new ap­proach will ap­peal. The New Moon in your re­la­tion­ship zone will en­cour­age you to think out­side the square in your per­sonal life, which could, para­dox­i­cally, cre­ate more sta­bil­ity.


Get set to turn a page this week, in whichever area you re­ally feel it’s time you did. For many, this will feel the right time for a fresh rou­tine at work and with your health and fit­ness. For some, it’s time for a more var­ied rou­tine in your per­sonal life, and this week­end is the ideal time to get mo­ti­vated to try some­thing new: St Valen­tine’s Day will rekin­dle the love vibe, at the very least.


Gain strength from ad­mit­ting to your vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties this week. This may ap­pear a para­dox or a cliché, but when you face vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties, it’s your chance to im­prove your­self - emo­tion­ally and men­tally. Whether you find your health would ben­e­fit from a tonic or a fit­ness sched­ule, or you wish to dis­cuss sen­si­tive top­ics, by Thurs­day, you’ll be ready for real suc­cess in key ar­eas.


A re­fresh­ing if quirky in­flu­ence in your per­sonal life will add a spritz of good hu­mour which will re­vi­talise your ap­proach both to those you love and to your home life. It’s a great week to look out­side the box at your op­tions and op­por­tu­ni­ties, es­pe­cially as the New Moon will re-fo­cus your mind on a fun event or task. And then knuck­ling down and get­ting re­sults will seem no work at all.


While this is the most ro­man­tic week­end of the year, if ro­mance on a com­mer­cial scale isn’t your thing, use the ro­man­tic en­ergy to beau­tify your life in other ways; by updating dé­cor at home, for ex­am­ple; with gar­den­ing or by do­ing re­pairs this week­end. You’ll en­joy the up­lift­ing feel­ing of this week’s New Moon, which could bring quirky or in­ter­est­ing peo­ple and ideas our way, too.


Your sign’s ruler, Saturn, will make a har­mo­nious link with Mer­cury this week, which will en­cour­age you to make agree­ments and pave the way for suc­cess and sta­bil­ity, both fi­nan­cially and in your per­sonal life. This week­end’s love vibe will add a touch of fun to life; St Valen­tine’s Day is hard to ig­nore, and the vibe will mo­ti­vate you to con­sider love in a new light.


Thurs­day’s New Moon com­pletes a month­long ren­o­va­tion of your per­sonal life, and the im­pact will linger for an­other few weeks. It’s all about re-in­vent­ing your­self, your looks, your in­ter­ests and your health; and in the process, your at­ti­tude to oth­ers will al­ter, too. The bot­tom line is self-worth, val­ues and self-es­teem. Boost th­ese; and your ca­reer and di­rec­tion will blos­som, too.


This week­end’s events will cer­tainly bring out your in­ner ro­man­tic. As Uranus is at play in your chart, you’ll be at­tracted to do­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent this week­end; and part­ners - and prospec­tive part­ners - will sit up and take no­tice. You’re qui­etly un­der­go­ing a ma­jor over­haul - of your health, at­ti­tude and se­cret be­liefs. By Thurs­day, you’ll come to an im­por­tant con­clu­sion.

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