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When film stars such as Michael Gam­bon, Stan­ley Tucci (right) and Christo­pher Ec­cle­ston add their names to a TV se­ries, you know it’s go­ing to be good.. Their rep­u­ta­tion de­mands it. And af­ter last week’s pre­miere episode,

For­ti­tude is po­si­tion­ing it­self to be thiss year’s mur­der-mur­dermys­tery win­ner. In a re­mote town on thethe edge of the Arc­tic Cir­cle, a mur­der has rocked the nor­mallyally sleepy town. While Sher­iff Dan (Richard Dormer) is on the case, a call from his pow­er­ful and es­tranged friend Henry (Gam­bon) to Bri­tish po­lice, sees DCI Eu­gene Morton (Tucci) rush too the scene of the crime. Dan and gover­nor Hil­dur Ode­gard (Sofie Gråbøl, The Killing ing) are none too pleased about it.

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