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AN IN­STANT re­ac­tion af­ter the earth­quake shook, rat­tled and rolled through the re­gion was to jump on so­cial me­dia and work out if it was a dream.

Here are some of your thoughts from Face­book and to find more search for “Childers Com­mu­nity Connect”.

Eve Voy­sey: It didn’t wake me up but the shak­ing woke John and the noise of him stum­bling out of his room to find out what was hap­pen­ing woke me. I thought I was hear­ing thun­der. Glad I slept through the shak­ing be­cause we used to get tremors in Zam­bia and they can be ter­ri­fy­ing in the mid­dle of

the night!

Melissa Cole: I didn’t feel or hear a thing. I woke up at 4am to see stuff about an earth­quake on Face­book.

Renée Har­bourne: I felt it at 1.58pm. Shook a lit­tle then got stronger for a few sec­onds then stopped. I had pic­ture frames fall. A child ran into my room. I said, “You felt that, we were only talk­ing about earth tremors a few days ago.” One of my chil­dren and our two dogs slept through the whole thing. The sound of the birds I won’t for­get. We’re near the main street of Childers; the screams as it first hap­pened with lori­keets, galahs etc, they didn’t quiet down un­til around 3.30am.

Aleisha Tara: Woke our house of four up with shak­ing and a large white flash of light (from the elec­tri­cal box I’d as­sume). The whole street was awake shout­ing over the road to each other check­ing on each other to see if ev­ery­one was okay. Great com­mu­nity here in Nor­man St, Cordalba.

Emma Lemon: I woke to dogs and horses go­ing crazy and the house shak­ing but went back to sleep as I thought I was dreaming and didn’t think any­thing of it ‘til I got up this morn­ing and had mes­sages ask­ing if I was okay. Hop on Face­book and we had an earth­quake, wow!

Ruth Baker: Woke up to the house shak­ing. Very scary. Thought it was ei­ther an earth­quake or a bomb! Heard dogs bark­ing and the birds woke up. Face­book is an amaz­ing thing, it was great to

on and see ev­ery­one’s com­ments and get in­stant info. It left a very un­easy feel­ing and took a long time to set­tle and go back to sleep. I have never ex­pe­ri­enced an earth­quake be­fore.

Kerry Young: Woke to my shak­ing, thought there was a ghost in my room, turned the light on, looked around only to think it was in

head. Then bam, every­body had the same visit.

Cyn­thia Jack­son: Woke at 1.58am to a noise like a very strong roar­ing wind and the house vibrating. Quite dif­fer­ent to the only one I have felt be­fore, which was over in In­dia – the big 2005 Pak­istan/Kash­mir earth­quake. Did not ex­pect one in Childers but then I had a look on the geo­sciences reg­is­ter and I see there are quite a few in this re­gion.

Brad Geis­zler: Woke our whole fam­ily up. Must have been in hor­rors be­cause I asked my wife why the bloody hell she had the wash­ing ma­chine on at two in the bloody morn­ing!

Anne Beck­with: Stu­art and I have just been on a cruise and we thought we were back on the ship. Our win­dows shook and rat­tled. Very scary and un­set­tling and took a while to get back to sleep.

Larissa Wat­son: A very bizarre ex­pe­ri­ence wak­ing up to your whole house shak­ing; glad it wasn’t any big­ger. We heard a bang and then the tremor, Ben thought it sounded like a bomb went off then was wait­ing for the sirens.

Ny­keeta Ayling: We have a bar in our lounge room, so all we could hear when we woke was what ap­peared to be break­ing glass, think­ing some­one was break­ing into our house, then the roar­ing noise con­tin­ued and it shook our en­tire house. Very odd feel­ing how­ever. Our four-year-old slept through the whole thing. A tad un­set­tling to be wo­ken up by if you have never ex­pe­ri­enced an earth­quake/tremor be­fore.

Tracey Jones: I grew up in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia near a ma­jor fault line, so (Mon­day) night I woke up and was straight out of bed, I thought I must have been dreaming as no one else in the house woke.

Jewel Ruhe: Thought I was back in NZ, you want to try driv­ing your car in one. The road goes up and down in front of you; felt worse.

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