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ACROSS 6 Which “Baby” car gave the masses ac­cess to mo­tor­ing in the 1920s? (6) 7 What puz­zle orig­i­nated in the 1760s when Euro­pean map­mak­ers pasted maps onto wood and cut them into small pieces? (6) 10 In which coun­try is the moun­tain range called Macgillicuddy’s Reeks? (7) 11 What unit of length equals 22 yards? (5) 12 What is a spot on a radar screen? (4) 13 The tarsi are the bones of what, col­lec­tively? (5) 16 Which god­dess was re­garded by the Ro­mans as the founder of their race? (5) 17 What word from French means a com­bi­na­tion of style and vigour? (4) 20 Which nerve trans­mits im­pulses from the eye to the brain? (5) 21 What cot­ton fab­ric is typ­i­cally checked in white and a bold colour? (7) 22 Which small bear wears check trousers, red pullover and a scarf? (7) 23 Some claim that Lord Nel­son’s dy­ing words were not “Kiss me, Hardy”, but what? (“____, Hardy”)(6) DOWN 1 Who is the hero and nar­ra­tor of R L Stevenson’s Kid­napped and Ca­tri­ona? (5,7) 2 Who wrote The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? (1,1,5) 3 Which leg­endary king had the power to turn to gold ev­ery­thing he touched? (5) 4 Which Amer­i­can pres­i­dent said “It is not best to swap horses when cross­ing streams”? (7) 5 What is an anal­y­sis to de­ter­mine the amount of gold in ore? (5) 8 Who is the un­happy pro­tag- on­ist in Ge­orge Or­well’s Nine­teen Eighty-Four? (7,5) 9 In which city was Bri­tish prime min­is­ter Tony Blair born? (9) 14 What metal is used in the ex­trac­tion of gold from ore? (7) 15 What pre­de­ces­sor of chem­istry sought a method of trans­mut­ing base met­als into gold? (7) 18 Philip Porter’s book The Most Fa­mous Car In The World is about which Jaguar model? (1-4) 19 Cher­a­punji, in what coun­try, has the high­est an­nual rain­fall in the world? (5)

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