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IN RE­SPONSE to Maria’s let­ter last week in the Isis Town & Coun­try. First; I didn’t men­tion the 200-plus peo­ple who signed the pe­ti­tion be­cause that wasn’t the point to my let­ter. My point was you were say­ing Childers had long been with­out a de­cent fish and chips/ ham­burger shop for years! Th­ese let­ters I have writ­ten are not about my busi­ness ver­sus an­other busi­ness in town. I think that is your in­ten­tion, not mine. I say good luck to every­body in town as I have stated it is a very hard gig. You also say that a four out of five stars isn’t any­thing to brag about, but I dis­agree. I think in this in­dus­try it is some­thing to be proud of. Now you have come up with some bizarre story about sell­ing you raw ham­burg­ers and then you ring me up with some cour­tesy call to in­form me of th­ese burg­ers and I hang up on you. Where do you come up with this? You and I both know this never hap­pened, and do you think the public are to be­lieve your ram­blings? You state that I am very good friends with the other cafe owner – wrong again, I have never met her in my life. You also state my only con­cern is get­ting money in the till and not cus­tomers – wrong again. You seem to have some built-up rage and anger to­wards me and my busi­ness. As far as I know you have never been in my shop, and I have never met you. Maria, I will say it again. It is very hard to chal­lenge peo­ple’s state­ments when they don’t state their full name. What are you hid­ing from? Is there some­thing you’re not telling us? Fi­nally you state you will never come back to my shop but at the end of your let­ter you say you have no prob­lem com­ing up to the shop to dis­cuss this in per­son. Your let­ter makes no sense to me, and what I’ve found over the years is if some­thing doesn’t make sense then most of the time it is not true. Jef­frey Be­han Childers

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