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WHERE has the lo­cal news gone in the Town & Coun­try? Are we so bor­ing in Childers that you have to fill in the news­pa­per with news from Gin Gin and sur­round­ing ar­eas? There are over 75 com­mu­nity groups listed in T&C’s com­mu­nity di­rec­tory. Are th­ese groups not do­ing any­thing news­wor­thy? What are CWA ladies do­ing, what are the lo­cal kinder­garten and school groups do­ing, etc, etc? If you have sto­ries about lo­cal groups and what they are achiev­ing in our com­mu­nity this might help to pro­mote th­ese groups and their cause and may en­cour­age lo­cal peo­ple to get be­hind th­ese groups. Do you not go look­ing for what is hap­pen­ing in Childers or just rely on peo­ple knock­ing on your door to tell what they have done? Some ideas to get “lo­cal” back into the news­pa­per: A “lo­cals” sec­tion where Childers peo­ple can have their voice about what they like and don’t like in Childers and where they can talk about gar­den­ing, craft, etc and can tell the com­mu­nity what they are do­ing with­out it be­ing a full size news ar­ti­cle. Free ad­ver­tis­ing for lo­cals who want to swap or trade goods. List­ing of peo­ple who want to give their time/ser­vices free to the com­mu­nity. Weekly up­date from the coun­cil on what is hap­pen­ing and what is planned for our lo­cal area. If your news­pa­per con­nects more with the lo­cals then the ben­e­fit would be bet­ter sales of your pa­per and bet­ter re­cep­tion from lo­cal busi­ness to advertise with you. A lo­cal news­pa­per should be a com­mu­nity build­ing tool not just a profit-mak­ing ex­er­cise. NATALIE BON­NELL Childers

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