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7 In which clas­sic 1932 novel do sci­en­tists pro­duce ba­bies who will fit their fu­ture job roles ex­actly? (5,3,5) 8 The North York­shire town of Askrigg ap­peared as which town in TV’s All Crea­tures Great and Small? (8) 9 What is the rounded or wedge- shaped head op­po­site the strik­ing face of a ham­mer? (4) 10 Ef­fi­gies of which con­spir­a­tor (Guy __) are burnt on the fifth of Novem­ber? (6) 12 What phe­nom­e­non is aus­tralis in the south­ern hemi­sphere and bo­re­alis in the north­ern? (6) 14 What is a piste? (3,3) 16 What num­ber is men­tioned six­teen times in the Bi­ble and twice in the Ko­ran? (6) 18 What is a dried crusty sur­face on a heal­ing wound? (4) 20 What fair­ground at­trac­tion for chil­dren con­sists of prizes buried in a con­tainer of saw­dust? (5,3) 22 Which 1977 film with a star cast is based on Cor­nelius Ryan’s book about a dis­as­trous 1944 Al­lied air­drop be­hind Ger­man lines? (1,6,3,3)


1 The last of which large flight­less bird was killed off Ice­land in 1844? (5,3) 2 Which Czech com­poser is best known for his “From The New World” sym­phony? (6) 3 What cold crys­tals oc­cur in var­i­ous hexag­o­nal forms? (4) 4 What is a sport­ing con­test played at the op­po­nents’ ground? (4,4) 5 What is the oc­cu­pa­tion of one skilled in mak­ing and re­pair­ing bar­rels? (6) 6 What word can pre­cede cheese, rinse, film and whale? (4) 11 What is the study of Chi­nese his­tory, lan­guage and cul­ture? (8) 13 Which English play­wright (Terence __) had his first ma­jor suc­cess with French with­out Tears? (8) 15 The foot of what an­i­mal is con­sid­ered a good luck charm? (6) 17 What syrupy chem­i­cal liq­uid is used as an an­tifreeze? (6) 19 An Amer­i­can space rocket launched in Florida in 1960 went off course and killed a cow in which coun­try? (4) 21 What an­i­mals are fe­line? (4)

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