Isis Town and Country - - Opinion - By NANCE BUR­NETT

DE­TER­MINEDLY, O Death, you over­come this life’s re­sis­tance

To pain, dark­ness and fear, you call with loud and harsh in­sis­tence.

With­out some proof of Life Here­after, hu­mans screech – de­fi­ant!

And ris­ing stark, eter­nal dark­ness, who would go com­pli­ant?

I con­tem­plate if there is life be­yond our com­pre­hen­sion;

A form of life that moves along a par­al­lel di­men­sion?

Can th­ese two meet on com­mon grounds of hate or strong af­fec­tion,

Or do they ever whis­per on, evad­ing our de­tec­tion?

Were Eve and Adam’s Eden’s joy? Are we their vast descen­dants?

Or were they apes as science claims (with Chris­tians their de­fen­dants)?

My ques­tions never can be an­swered till I walk to­mor­row

With Death my Part­ner, to Life Here­after, or stark and end­less sor­row!

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