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5 Al­pha­bet­i­cally, who was the first Marx Brother? (5) 8 In days of old, what was carved on the front end of a beam used for knock­ing down for­ti­fi­ca­tions? (4,4)

9 Where in Lon­don (__ Lane) is the fa­mous Theatre Royal? (5)

10 What de­scribes a so­cially un­con­ven­tional per­son, es­pe­cially an artist or writer? (8)

11 Whose (Erno __) multi-coloured cube was popular in the 1980s? (5) 14 What is at the cen­tre of our so­lar sys­tem? (3) 16 Who is the he­li­copter char­ac­ter in the Duchess of York’s se­ries of chil­dren’s books? (6)

17 What is the per­ma­nent frozen cov­er­ing at a planet’s pole? (3,3) 18 What is a slang word for the head? (3) 20 Po­et­i­cally, what is foam on waves? (5) 24 In what type of event do horses and rid­ers, of­ten young, com­pete in var­i­ous com­pe­ti­tions? (8)

25 What red­dish cos­metic dye comes from the leaves of a shrub? (5)

26 What, in lo­cal Ger­man, meant “I am a dough­nut” when John F Kennedy said “Ich bin ein __”? (8)

27 Doha is the cap­i­tal of which Persian Gulf coun­try? (5)


1 What are bee­tle lar­vae some­times called? (5) 2 Which opera (__ and the Night Vis­i­tors) is popular at Christ­mas, es­pe­cially in the US? (5)

3 Which hand digit has less bones than the oth­ers? (5)

4 In Co­leridge’s poem Kubla Khan, where does the Khan de­cree “a stately plea­sure-dome”? (6)

6 In mythol­ogy, which hero of su­per strength per­formed 12 im­mense tasks? (8)

7 Which gar­ment’s name orig­i­nated in the Crimean War? (8)

12 Latin “un­der penalty” gave us what legal doc­u­ment? (8) 13 What is ob­ses­sive self-cen­tred­ness? (8) 14 What is a frac­tional mon­e­tary unit of In­done­sia? (3) 15 What is the writ­ing point of a cal­lig­ra­pher’s pen? (3) 19 Which is the most abun­dant el­e­ment in the Earth’s crust? (6) 21 Where is the fontanelle? (5) 22 Sep­a­rat­ing from Mas­sachusetts in 1820, which state be­came the US’s 23rd? (5)

23 In which coun­try was Muham­mad Ali and Ge­orge Fore­man’s 1974 “Rum­ble in the jun­gle”? (5)

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