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ON WHAT planet do you think an in­com­ing gov­ern­ment is en­cum­bered by the tawdry un­funded pork bar­relling of a de­ceit­ful out­go­ing gov­ern­ment? On what planet is the Mem­ber for Bur­nett, lec­tur­ing the new La­bor gov­ern­ment about keep­ing prom­ises? Be­fore you start lec­tur­ing oth­ers, Mr Bennett, how about you take a look in the mir­ror? What hap­pened to the one mil­lion jobs you and the LNP promised in 2012? You and New­man also promised public ser­vants they had “noth­ing to fear” from an LNP gov­ern­ment – then 25,000 public ser­vants were vi­ciously sacked. When Mr New­man characterised those sacked work­ers as dog poo in Queens­land par­lia­ment, Mr Bennett sat mute. Mr Bennett also sat mute when hun­dreds of public sec­tor work­ers were sacked from the Wide Bay re­gion, bring­ing mis­ery to those fam­i­lies and driv­ing con­fi­dence lower in our al­ready de­pressed lo­cal econ­omy. When Mr New­man spent over $100m in a des­per­ate at­tempt to pork bar­rel his own elec­torate, Mr Bennett sat mute. Now that Queens­lan­ders have wo­ken up to the nas­ti­est and most dis­hon­est gov­ern­ment Queens­land has ever seen, Mr Bennett has sud­denly found his voice. Well, bully for you Mr Bennett. Just keep up the lies and hypocrisy that were a sig­na­ture of the failed New­man gov­ern­ment. Elec­tion prom­ises spun weeks out from an elec­tion and not pro­gressed to rel­e­vant de­part­men­tal bud­gets are not worth the white­boards they are writ­ten on. The ed­i­to­rial in the Town and Coun­try about this mat­ter smacks of ig­no­rance and/or bias. Save it for the next elec­tion cam­paign, guys. Mean­while, to those good burghers who are go­ing to a protest march: put your glad rags on, be­cause the New­man gov­ern­ment in­sti­gated “spe­cial” po­lice pro­to­cols for public protests: you will be pho­tographed, you will be put on a dig­i­tal recog­ni­tion file, you will go on a spe­cial branch file, or at least that’s what hap­pened to ev­ery union­ist or any other cit­i­zen who did find a voice to protest the nasty, heart­less cuts dur­ing the sad­dest pe­riod of Queens­land’s public life. Jim Nilon, North Isis

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