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7 Who (Ce­cil __), founded the De Beers Min­ing Com­pany? (6) 8 What are kept in a hu­mi­dor? (6) 10 In what type of mas­sage is pres­sure is ap­plied to the same points of the body as in acupunc­ture? (7)

11 Ae­sop, col­lec­tor of fa­bles, was of what na­tion­al­ity? (5) 12 What rest in rowlocks? (4) 13 What is an al­loy of iron and car­bon? (5) 17 What type of work is Guer­nica, painted by Pablo Pi­casso for the Span­ish pav­il­ion of the 1937World’s Fair at Paris? (5) 18 What crea­ture is a Sally Light­foot? (4) 22 Botry­tis on plants is what? (5) 23 What type of rock is formed from magma or lava that has so­lid­i­fied? (7)

24 Which state was home to The Wiz­ard of Oz’s Dorothy? (6)

25 In 1797, Lon­don hab­er­dasher James Hether­ing­ton wore the first what in public, at­tract­ing such a crowd that sev­eral women fainted? (3,3)


1 Nip­per, the dog in the paint­ing “His Mas­ter’s Voice”, was born in which city in Eng­land? (7)

2 What is the art of clip­ping shrubs or trees into or­na­men­tal shapes? (7) 3 Which poet wrote “Ode on a Gre­cian Urn”? (5) 4 Algy Lacy and Gin­ger Heb­bleth­waite are bo­som pals of which fic­tional avi­a­tor? (7) 5 The Dead Sea scrolls were found in what? (5) 6 Which city in Ja­pan is cap­i­tal of the Kinki re­gion? (5)

9 Which coun­try, in 1920, had the world’s first beauty con­test with girls in bathing cos­tumes? (9) 14 On what would you find a gno­mon? (7) 15 What small round French roll is made from a light sweet yeast dough? (6)

16 What is con­sid­ered the sin­gle most se­ri­ous health prob­lem in the US? (7) 19 What is the most popular name for grey cats? (5) 20 What 17th-cen­tury term of en­dear­ment for a woman or child be­came a pet name for a rab­bit? (5)

21 A slice of what veg­etable re­lieves bee and wasp stings? (5)

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