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THE re­sult of the re­cent Queens­land State Elec­tion has left many peo­ple won­der­ing what is go­ing on in the po­lit­i­cal world. Peo­ple have the idea that the an­swer to our prob­lem is we have to get “our party” into power, and we will live hap­pily af­ter. Politi­cians prom­ise all sorts of things that are sup­posed to fix the coun­try’s prob­lems. Th­ese in­clude big spend­ing pro­grams, pro­mot­ing a high pop­u­la­tion growth, more in­dus­try, more mines, more for­eign in­vest­ment and so on it goes. To fund it, they want to sell off more as­sets, (or re­cy­cle them – same thing) or to al­lay those con­cerns, use the softer word of lease. Folks, as a na­tion, Australia

The sooner we wake up that pol­i­tics is ba­si­cally a false reli­gion, the bet­ter off we will all be.

has been do­ing that for the past 30 years. If any of that had any merit, then we should be well off by now. The politi­cians ad­mit that things aren’t good at all, which goes to prove the point that gov­ern­ment poli­cies over the past 40 years or so by all po­lit­i­cal par­ties have been a fail­ure. Folks, the sooner we wake up to the fact that pol­i­tics is ba­si­cally a false reli­gion that won’t solve any­one’s prob­lems, the bet­ter off we will all be. Gov­ern­ment poli­cies, fed­eral and state, will only make things worse, not bet­ter. Gov­ern­ments are al­ways harp­ing that more needs to be done to stim­u­late the econ­omy. Well, the fall in the Aussie dollar, low in­ter­est rates and so on, is driv­ing up the cost of hous­ing and ev­ery­thing else, and it is caus­ing more Aussie busi­nesses to close and move off shore. Be­cause peo­ple’s in­comes have been neg­a­tively im­pacted, then so­cial se­cu­rity has to fill the gap even more. Gov­ern­ment and big busi­ness are in favour of more for­eign own­er­ship of farms and real es­tate in gen­eral, as well as busi­nesses. That’s a recipe for dis­as­ter. Mel Chalmers South Kolan

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