Shire work­men

Isis Town and Country - - Opinion - By NANCE BUR­NETT

THE Shire Coun­cil of Wob­blede­gong

Buys shov­els only if they’re strong.

(A Coun­cil work­man only needs

Some seven smokos and three feeds.)

The qual­i­fi­ca­tions that are needed Are only for work to go un­heeded.

To use the shov­els they’re so keen on –

Well, aren’t shov­els made to lean on?

A main road to connect two towns,

Dis­cussed by lo­cals and Coun­cil clowns.

Ten years ago th­ese plans were passed

(This road is surely made to last).

Some twenty yards they do each day,

“And such hard work it is,” they say.

“Shift­ing dirt is dull and silly;

“We’ve worked five min­utes. Boil the billy.”

A farmer told me, with a grin,

“I was a mug but chucked it in.

Why sweat when you get bet­ter pay

For loaf­ing through a lazy day?

The farm meant toiling like a Turk.

I joined the Shire and gave up work!”

So now you know just what to do:

Re­tire, and be a “work­man”, too!

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