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6 What in­for­mal name ap­plies to stim­u­lat­ing drugs such as am­phet­a­mines? (6)

7 In an Asian recipe, what bulb is minced and marinated in honey as a cold rem­edy? (6)

10 What is the bat­ting turn of a cricket player or team? (7)

11 The ges­ta­tion pe­riod of which en­dan­gered an­i­mal ranges from three to five months? (5)

12 What is the fin un­der­neath the rear of a surf­board? (4)

13 The khapra bee­tle is a pest of what stored prod­uct? (5)

16 What is the public an­nounce­ment in church of a pro­posed mar­riage? (5)

17 What is a mil­i­tary dining room where ser­vice per­son­nel eat or re­lax? (4)

20 What na­tion­al­ity was the leg­endary Wil­liam Tell? (5)

21 Which planet or­bits clos­est to the sun? (7)

22 Who was com­man­der of the Afrika Korps? (6)

23 Ralph and which other school­mate of Ritchie com­pleted a trio in TV’s Happy Days? (6)


1 Leap years be­gan when who, on the ad­vice of Greek as­tronomer Sosi­genes, re­vised the cal­en­dar? (6,6)

2 What was in­vented in the late 1950s and used as a re­place­ment for rub­ber in women’s foun­da­tion gar­ments? (7)

3 What type of ma­chine lifts and moves heavy ob­jects? (5)

4 His­tor­i­cally, what was the el­dest son of the King of France called? (7)

5 Who (John ___) or­bited the Earth in 1962 and 1998? (5)

8 Who is the nar­ra­tor of Eve­lyn Waugh’s Brideshead Re­vis­ited? (7,5) 9 What is the sci­en­tific study of ce­les­tial ob­jects? (9)

14 What fe­male spirit in Ir­ish folk­lore wails to warn of im­pend­ing death? (7)

15 The 1902 opera Pel­léas et Mélisande is the work of which French com­poser? (7)

18 Ac­tor Sid­ney Poitier was born in which US city? (5)

19 What gas is used to fill most light bulbs? (5)

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