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7 The name for what wa­ter­proof jacket orig­i­nated in Green­land? (6)

8 In the film The Sound of Mu­sic, which song does Maria use to teach the chil­dren to sing? (2-2-2)

10 Who in­vented the solid “log” elec­tric gui­tar, mar­keted by Gibson from 1952? (3,4)

11 What is an up­per-storey bay win­dow sup­ported on brack­ets? (5)

12 What is the mon­e­tary unit of Thai­land? (4) 13 The creep­ing peren­nial kikuyu grass came from which African coun­try? (5)

17 Which city is Iraq’s prin­ci­pal port? (5)

18 Which US uni­ver­sity was founded in 1701? (4)

22 Who (Ni­colò __), vi­o­lin maker of Cre­mona, trained An­to­nio Stradi­vari? (5)

23 What is a word that means the same or nearly the same as an­other word? (7)

24 What was Rose­mary Clooney won­der­ing about in 1955 when she sang “On the baby’s knuckle, on the baby’s knee, where will the baby’s __ be?”? (6)

25 What sub­stance from oak tree galls is used in pre­par­ing leather? (6)


1 What did Vin­cent Van Gogh slice off with a ra­zor? (7)

2 Who (Fer­di­nand __), de­signed the Volk­swa­gen “Bee­tle” car in 1934? (7)

3 Which area near Hong Kong was re­turned to China in De­cem­ber 1999 af­ter 442 years of Por­tuguese rule? (5)

4 One of two or more words pro­nounced in the same way but hav­ing dif­fer­ent mean­ings (7)

5 What is the name of the Phantom’s dog in the popular comic strip? (5)

6 Which singing broth­ers’ big­gest hit was “Pa­per Doll” in 1942? (5)

9 Bill Mon­roe was a found­ing fa­ther of what type of mu­sic orig­i­nat­ing in Ken­tucky? (9)

14 What sub­stance from a pod is a popular ice cream flavour? (7)

15 What is mending by in­ter­weav­ing yarn with a nee­dle across a hole? (7)

16 In which coun­try was for­mer US sec­re­tary of state Henry Kissinger born? (7)

19 An in­for­mal word for a fit of tem­per (5) 20 In 2000, Copen­hagen and which Swedish city were linked by a bridge and tun­nel com­plex? (5)

21 What is a record of the events of one year? (5)

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