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1 What com­mon word de­rives from a Greek word mean­ing “talk­ing about pros­ti­tutes”? (11) 8 Ur­sus hor­ri­bilis is what type of bear? (7) 9 Which is the prin­ci­pal moun­tain chain of South Amer­ica? (5)

10 The word “reg­ulo” fol­lowed by a num­ber de­notes the heat of a what? (4)

11 What ra­dioac­tive sub­stance is ex­tracted from the dark min­eral pitch­blende? (7)

12 What im­pe­rial mea­sure of ca­pac­ity equals 4 hogsheads? (3)

13 The cor anglais is the alto mem­ber of which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment fam­ily? (4)

15 What is rep­e­ti­tion caused by a re­flec­tion of sound waves? (4)

17 What is the ab­bre­vi­a­tion for the com­pany formed in 1884 to sell the first cash reg­is­ters? (1,1,1)

19 What is a dis­trict un­der the pas­toral care of a bishop? (7) 20 Which US state has Salt Lake City? (4) 23 Which penin­sula did Is­rael oc­cupy in 1967’s Six Day War? (5) 24 Kiev is the cap­i­tal of which coun­try? (7) 25 What term for Ire­land was first used by Dr Dren­nan in his poem Erin? (7,4)


1 In an­cient Greece, what bird car­ried news of the Olympian games? (6)

2 Which river forms the Ger­many-Switzer­land bor­der? (5)

3 What aniseed-flavoured liqueur is popular in Greece? (4) 4 What weapon does Flash Gor­don carry? (3,3) 5 What is the del­i­cate in­ner­most mem­brane en­velop­ing the brain and spinal cord? (3,5)

6 What lan­guage was much used by Jews in Europe be­fore the Holo­caust? (7)

7 What small seeds are some­times found in and on bread loaves and buns? (6) 12 Which is the largest of the Ca­nary Is­lands? (8) 14 What type of crea­ture is Noddy’s friend Big Ears? (7)

16 Who (Thomas __) in­vented the car­bon mi­cro­phone for tele­phones? (6)

17 What is a cloud of gas and dust in outer space, vis­i­ble in the night sky? (6) 18 What type of food is Nor­we­gian Gje­tost? (6) 21 In clas­si­cal mythol­ogy, how are Cas­tor and Pol­lux re­lated? (5)

22 What is a net­work of high-volt­age trans­mis­sion lines for elec­tric­ity? (4)

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