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ISIS RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club: Tues­day April 21 - M. Bold­er­son, L. Ack­royd, K. Bur­ton def Deb Ma­her, K. Mc, D. Ha­ley 25-13; D. Jones, G. Daw def P. Mete, K. Mur­phy 21-12. Thurs­day April 23 - B. Cole­brook, J. New­ton, D. Pratt, R. Cle­ments def B. Cole­brook, M. Green, D. Ha­ley, G. Daw 24-9. Sun­day, April 26 - J. Pascoe, R. Wil­son, J. Carruthers def J. Pascoe, R. Lin­ton, C. Bold­er­son 18-15; M. Green, D. Ha­ley played M. Bold­er­son, R. Cle­ments. Score not known. No card. Isis Ladies Bowls notes Re­sults of Game played April 23 - Cham­pi­onship Sin­gles: C. Bold­er­son def R. Zim­i­tat 25-24. To­day - P. Jack­son will play C. Bold­er­son in the Fi­nal of the Ladies Cham­pi­onship Sin­gles. All games are Play or For­feit. Re­minder for all - Isis Bowls Club are down to visit Bur­rum Heads Bowls Club on Sun­day May 24. Names in the book please. Also this Sun­day May 3 is the Men’s Pres­i­dents day at the Isis Bowls Club. All the men from the Bund­aberg Clubs send a team so only a limited num­ber of the Isis men can play. Th­ese al­ready have their names in. Have a great week bowl­ing peo­ple. ISIS CEN­TRAL MILL RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Cen­tral Mill Bowls Club: Last Tues­day was the last night of night bowls. Next Wed­nes­day, May 6, we start af­ter­noon bowls, play starts at 1pm, names in by 12.30pm. Af­ter­noon tea. All play­ers wel­come. This Sun­day af­ter­noon bowls (time change) - Play starts at 1pm, names in by 12.30pm, af­ter­noon tea, all play­ers wel­come. Note - All games on Wed­nes­day and Sun­day af­ter­noon will start at 1pm, un­less oth­er­wise ad­vised. Thank you. So­cial Bowls re­sults - Sun­day B. Dougall, Nan, B. Rayner drew with M. Camp­bell, E. Crowe, L. Hesse 16- 16; S. Camp­bell, B. Wilkins, P. Duffy def B. Hesse, C. Win­ter, E. Hartwig 30-10. Tues­day - Nan, E. Crowe def Ron Phillips, E. Hartwig 21- 16; Bob, P. Duffy def B. Dougall, C. Win­ter 22- 13. This Satur­day is the ALP bowls day. Names in by 10.30am. Play starts at 11am sharp, fol­lowed by a Cent sale and af­ter­noon tea, sausage siz­zle, more play­ers re­quired, please put your name up on the sheet on the no­tice board. On Satur­day, May 9, Easts Bowls club vis­its. BBQ at 11.30am. Play starts at 1pm. More play­ers re­quired. Please put your name up on the sheet on the no­tice board, thank you. WOODGATE RE­SULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club: Tues­day, April 21 - Ladies Open Triples: J. Kirby (Sub), Z. Wat­son, H. Haeusler def A. Sleep, W. Reeves, P. Han­son 26-11. Ladies So­cial: R. Love, A. Win­zar def C. Hoffman, R. Bishop 26-18; D. Rich­mond, K. Hen­der­son, D. Ens­bey def M. Moore, D. Ben­son, C. Firth 27-15; V. Bird, E. Bell, A. Van Der Loos def B. Thomp­son/L. Hay­den, J. Mewett, S. Loy­dell 24-21; C. Cay­ley, G. Lenz, Y. Turner def S. Weir, M. Ib­bert­son, S. Re­nouf 24-17. Wed­nes­day, April 22 - Men’s Open Triples: R. Weir, G. Weir, M. Strano def C. Ens­bey, E. McCaf­frey, R. Royan 37-13. Men’s So­cial: K. An­drews, G. Turner, M. Van Der Loos def N. Loder, J. Spinks, B. Hooke 23-13; R. Cauchi, G. Ib­bert­son, R. Byrnes def Trick, G. Mewett, I. Reidy 24-14; L. Hay­den, G. Haynes, R. Win­zar def A. McKin­non, E. Soes­man, G. Loy­dell 20-17; P. Walk­ing­ton, R. Hill, K. McNa­mara def J. Daniels, D. Mann, R. Bunn 28-15; P. Nel­son, N. Blair, G. Sum­mers def N. Brooks, J. Reeves, I. Todd 21-13; K. Geaney, K. El­lis, C. Treacy def G. Upham, G. Bishop, A. Griffiths 26-19; P. Mullins, N. Feazey, R. Hen­der­son def B. Cay­ley, J. John­son, I. Kirby 20-13; Jesse, B. Re­nouf, R. Hoffman def T. O’Shea, Sleepy, G. Sil­ver­thorne 20-16. Thurs­day & Fri­day, April 23 & 24 - Bund­aberg Dis­trict Ladies Bowls As­so­ci­a­tion Ladies Sin­gles was played at Woodgate on Thurs­day and Fri­day. A to­tal of 22 nom­i­na­tions with fi­nal be­tween Heather Haeusler (Woodgate) and Gail Cromp­ton (Bar­gara) win­ner be­ing Gail Comp­ton. Two days of great bowl­ing and fel­low­ship. Well done ladies. Satur­day, April 25 - Mixed Jack­pot Triples: Noreen, Chris, K. Hen­der­son def S. Weir, N. Blair, R. Hen­der­son 29-18; J. Gre­gory, J. John­son, R. Win­zar def N. Brooks, A. Win­zar, M. Van Der Loos 18-17; Jesse, K. El­lis, G. Sum­mers def P. Walk­ing­ton, D. Ens­bey, R. Weir 27-10; G. Ib­bert­son, E. McCaf­frey, C. Firth def A. Ritchie, A. Ryan, A. Van Der Loos 32-10; K. Geaney, K. Sleep, A. Griffiths def N. Loder, M. Ib­bert­son, G. Weir 26-12; J. Spinks, I. Todd, I. Kirby def S. Wrace, R. Hill, B. Cay­ley 21-19; E. Bell, Y. El­lis, I. Reidy def C. Cay­ley, A. McKin­non, B. Gibson 19-15; A. Mullins, C. Ens­bey, B. Scheman def J. Kirby, Jeff, Pam 21-11; R. Bishop, R. Ryan def A. Sleep, P. Al­lars 21-15. Sun­day April 26 - Men’s “B” Grade Sin­gles: B. Cay­ley def C. Ens­bey 28-21; B. Hooke def M. Royan 25-23. Mixed So­cial: J. Gre­gory, A. Van Der Loos, R. Weir def L. Bret­tell, G. Sum­merville, C. Firth 28-12; G. Sum­merville, R. Bishop, R. Royan def N. Loder, G. Lenz, M. Van Der Loos 36-18; A. Win­zar, P. Allers def J. Spinks, A. Ryan 34-9.


ON THE RUN: Gin Gin's Ash­ley Helmore in fine form in the match at Avon­dale.


Gin Gin's Phillip Lind­say against South Kolan at Tegege Sports Ground.

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