Pool cov­er­age a dis­grace

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LIT­TLE won­der when peo­ple are polled jour­nal­ists fig­ure very lowly in terms of trust by oc­cu­pa­tional group­ing. They have prob­a­bly been read­ing the Isis T&C. Your cov­er­age of the Childers Hy­po­thet­i­cal Hy­drother­apy Pool is noth­ing short of a dis­grace. Your ed­i­to­rial com­ment, full of de­ceit and ig­no­rance. You re­port that Bennett and Spring­borg promised money for the pool on Jan­uary 12, 2015. Mmmm… six days into an elec­tion cam­paign, dur­ing “care­taker con­ven­tion”. That’s why fund­ing for a hy­drother­apy pool does not fig­ure in de­part­men­tal fund­ing. For those not aware, Min­is­ters can’t put new ex­pen­di­ture into de­part­men­tal bud­gets dur­ing that pe­riod. You say Childers has “been shafted again”, so what was the other oc­ca­sion? I’d sug­gest that was dur­ing the past three years when Bennett sat mute and didn’t lift a fin­ger to do any­thing for Childers, not even man­age to get a lousy $100k per year for health care to be a Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment re­spon­si­bil­ity and yet a hy­drother­apy pool is an ex­am­ple of pri­mary health care. It would be great if Childers could get a hy­drother­apy pool. I am at a loss to un­der­stand how the LNP and the edi­tor of the Isis T&C think that will be achieved by bla­tant lies and ig­no­rant in­sults. We are now used to lies from the LNP; how­ever, I can only guess why the edi­tor of a news­pa­per would fuel that de­ceit. Cer­tainly not to get a hy­drother­apy pool. Why don't you save your cheap pol­i­tick­ing till the next elec­tion, and how bout you let the LNP pay for their cheap pro­pa­ganda rather than peo­ple who buy a news­pa­per for bias free “news”?

Jim Nilon North Isis

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