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5 What de­scribes a car with a fixed roof and two doors? (5) 8 Where did in­ven­tors John Lo­gie Baird, Alexander Gra­ham Bell and Sir James De­war hail from? (8) 9 What is the prac­tice of lend­ing money at ex­or­bi­tant in­ter­est rates? (5) 10 What breed of large ter­rier has a rough black-and-tan coat? (8) 11 What was US as­tronomer Hub­ble’s first name? (5) 14 Boy or young man (3) 16 Where is Mount Par­nas­sus? (6) 17 What colour do you as­so­ciate with the Dutch foot­ball team? (6) 18 Old Norse kaggi gave us what beer con­tainer? (3) 20 What gas causes a de­tectable odour near elec­tri­cal ma­chin­ery? (5) 24 What is Ja­panese rit­ual sui­cide? (4-4) 25 What is a length of wire or sim­i­lar stretched across a drum­head to pro­duce a rat­tling sound? (5) 26 What are the living quar­ters for wives in a Mus­lim house­hold? (7) 27 What Rus­sian fer­mented drink is made from rye flour or bread? (5)


1 Dar­jeel­ing, Nil­giri and which other are In­dia’s main teas? (5) 2 Which TV se­ries had Ron­nie Cor­bett as a 40-yearold mummy’s boy? (5) 3 What is an open space in a for­est? (5) 4 What model of Ford car fea­tures in the Harry Pot­ter books, films? (6) 6 What dark glassy rock comes from vol­ca­noes? (8) 7 Poet Wordsworth and his fam­ily had three meals a day, two of which con­sisted of what? (8) 12 Who suc­ceeded Khrushchev as Soviet leader? (8) 13 Who ti­tled his 1964 novel Ar­maged­don? (4,4) 14 What is the mon­e­tary unit of Al­ba­nia? (3) 15 What kind of an­i­mal is Dis­ney’s Pluto? (3) 19 What hard white cal­ci­fied sub­stance cov­ers teeth? (6) 21 Which is the world’s high­est large city? (2,3) 22 What re­s­pi­ra­tory or­gans al­low some an­i­mals to breathe air dis­solved in wa­ter? (5) 23 Which Amer­i­can pres­i­dent said: “I brought my­self down. I gave them a sword. And they stuck it in.”? (5)

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