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7 Benjamin Franklin wanted what bird as USA’s em­blem? (6)

8 What gem­stone was thought to pro­tect against light­ning and the plague? (6)

10 A mar­garita cock­tail has what al­co­holic in­gre­di­ent? (7)

11 In the Bi­ble, what is the He­brew name of Baby­lon? (5)

12 What type of com­pe­ti­tion has no re­stric­tions upon en­trants? (4)

13 What is three or more mu­si­cal tones sounded si­mul­ta­ne­ously? (5)

17 Who (An­drew __) per­fected his fa­mous “trans­par­ent” soap in the 1790s for use in his Lon­don bar­ber shop? (5) 18 Cleve­land, Ohio, lies on which lake? (4) 22 What part of your body is your pollex? (5) 23 The gang­ster Al Capone was born in which city? (3,4)

24 What is the cap­i­tal of Pun­jab prov­ince and sec­ond-largest city of Pak­istan? (6)

25 In TV’s Min­der, who did Terry, and later Ray, mind? (6)


1 What high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat was named af­ter its Amer­i­can maker? (7)

2 What out­door game is played with blue, black, red, and yel­low balls? (7) 3 Who was Morse’s side­kick sergeant? (5) 4 Who is Sesame Street’s best-known avian? (3,4) 5 Self-con­tained un­der­wa­ter breath­ing ap­pa­ra­tus gave us what word? (5) 6 The talus is the largest bone in your what? (5)

9/14 Who ap­peared in some 40 films, was nom­i­nated for Best Actress in twelve of them, and won four Os­cars? (9,7)

15 What small round French roll is made from a very light yeast dough? (7)

16 Which Scot­tish sailor (Alexander __) was Daniel De­foe’s in­spi­ra­tion for Robin­son Cru­soe? (7)

19 Lake Aver­nus fills a vol­canic crater in which coun­try? (5)

20 Who (Sir Vi­vian __) made the first over­land cross­ing of the Antarc­tic? (5)

21 What type of weapon is a wak­iza­shi? (5)

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