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RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Cen­tral Mill Bowls Club:

Wed­nes­day af­ter­noon bowls start at 1pm. Names in by 12.30pm. Af­ter­noon tea. All play­ers wel­come.

Sun­day af­ter­noon bowls start at 1pm. Names in by 12.30pm. Af­ter­noon tea. All play­ers wel­come. So­cial bowls re­sult: K. Shep­pard, E. Hartwig def R. Lil­ley, C. Win­ter 21- 15; E. Crowe, P. Duffy def B. Ryan, D. Hen­nessey 21- 17; Ron Phillips, B. Hesse, A. Man­ning def B. Dougall, Nan, L. Hesse 32 - 7.

Com­pe­ti­tion re­sults - E. Hartwig def D. Hen­nessey 251.

On Tues­day, June 2, we have the Isis Cen­tral Mill $2000 day, play starts at 9.30am. Three games of 15 ends. To put a team in con­tact Ross Phillips on 0428 503 626. the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tues­day, May 19 – Ladies’ Con­sis­tency Sin­gles: A. Win­zar def A. Sleep 150 – 80; Y. El­lis def S. Weir 156 – 139.

Ladies’ So­cial: H. Danziger, K. Hen­der­son, A. Van Der Loos def D. Essery, H. Abra­ham, L. Matt­son 27 – 10; S. Ormerod, M. Ib­bert­son, S. Loy­dell def J. Kirby, D. Ben­son, Y. Turner 21 – 15.

Wed­nes­day, May 20 - Men’s So­cial: P. Mullins, War­ren, S. Boundy def G. Turner, K. Sleep, M. Van Der Loos 24 – 20; N. Blair, D. Ferrier, R. Bunn def T. O’Shea, W. Gal­way, G. Nel­son 22 – 18; L. Bret­tell, R. Hill, B. Hooke def J. Framp­ton, C. Omerod, R. Byrnes 25 – 13; B. Raynor, G. Mewett, R. Royan def G. Upham, R. Abra­ham, I. Reidy 20 – 17; T. Gre­bert, R. Weir, R. Win­zar def N. Loder, I. Todd, A. Essery 19 – 18; L. Hay­den, G. Ib­bert­son, P. West def K. Ellery, E. McCaf­frey, W. Nel­son 25 – 19; Jesse, J. John­son, R. Hen­der­son def P. Walk­ing­ton, G. Weir, I. Kirby 22 – 16; Trick, J. Cheers, D. Mann def K. Geaney, B. Dun­can, A. Griffiths 25 – 10; K. An­drews, G. Bishop, G. Sil­ver­thorne def C. Quin­ton, A. Ritchie, M. Strano 25 – 20; G. Haynes, G. Mad­sen def G. Loy­dell, B. Gibson 18 – 9.

Thurs­day, May 21 - Mixed Jack­pot Triples: P. Walk­ing­ton, K. El­lis, R. Royan def D. Essery, J. Kirby, S. Boundy 19 – 12; L. Hay­den, M. Boundy, R. Weir def J. Stephens, C. Omerod, A. Essery 13 – 10; R. Abra­ham, W. Emms, L. Matt­son def S. Omerod, P. Mullins, J. Mewett 15 – 9; N. Loder, G. Mewett, J. John­son def G. Lenz, H. Abra­ham, I. Kirby 24 – 8.

Satur­day, May 23 - Mixed So­cial: D. Ferrier, P. West, R. Byrnes def A. Ritchie, G. Bishop, I. Reidy 35 – 13; G. Loy­dell, W. McUtchen def G. Mad­sen, A. Essery 22 – 14; R. Weir, W. Nel­son def K. El­lis, R. Hill 23 – 14; G. Weir, M. Strano def G. Ib­bert­son, R. Win­zar 26 – 14.

Sun­day, May 24 - Mixed So­cial: Jesse, E. McCaf­frey, M. Strano def L. Bret­tnell, G. Mewett, R. Weir 33 – 19; K. Sleep, K. El­lis, M. Van Der Loos def N. Loder, G. Bishop, C. Treacy 23 – 22; A. Sleep, J. Mewett, R. Royan def D. Bret­tnell, E. Bell, A. Van Der Loos 26 – 18; R. Bishop, Y. El­lis def G. Lenz, G. Newby 22 – 14.

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