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1 Which US se­na­tor was ob­sessed with “reds un­der the bed”? (8)

7/8 Amer­i­can show­man P T Bar­num of­fered $1000 for the am­pu­tated leg of which fa­mous woman? (5,9) 9 The cas­sowary is closely re­lated to what bird? (3) 10 What veg­etable is used as a Welsh na­tional em­blem? (4)

11 What word can be pre­ceded by wood, clay and stool? (6)

13 What type of dec­o­ra­tive de­sign has sur­vived best from Ro­man times? (6)

14 What coat­ing de­rived its name from the longer polyte­traflu­o­roethy­lene? (6) 17 Where is the fa­mous Monte Carlo rally raced? (6) 18 “Genu” in gen­u­flect means what? (4) 20 The sec­ond Earl Grey is said to have been given a recipe by a Chi­nese man­darin for what? (3)

22 What is the Lower House of Par­lia­ment in Ger­many called? (9)

23 In the Caribbean, a self-gov­ern­ing union be­tween St Kitts and where was cre­ated in 1967? (5)

24 What de­scribes a per­son newly con­verted to a re­li­gious faith? (8) DOWN 1 Which oil com­pany’s logo has a red let­ter O? (5) 2 In a song, 110 of what in­stru­ments fol­lowed 76 trom­bones? (7)

3 Dams on which river were hit by the fa­mous WWII “bounc­ing bombs”? (4) 4 What type of crab oc­cu­pies seashells? (6) 5 What colour is as­so­ci­ated with jeal­ousy? (5) 6 Which English-born poet won the Pulitzer Prize in 1948 with “The Age of Anx­i­ety”? (1,1,5)

7 Who is of­ten rep­re­sented as the keeper of the door of heaven? (2,5)

12 What mock ti­tle is used for a self-im­por­tant man, es­pe­cially one in author­ity? (3,4)

13 The Crow na­tive Amer­i­can peo­ple live mainly in which state? (7)

15 What (Lil­lie __) was the stage name of Emily Char­lotte le Bre­ton? (7)

16 A bracket fixed to a wall for hold­ing can­dles or lights (6)

17 In 1855, what colour did chemist Wil­liam Perkin name the first syn­thetic dye? (5) 19 What builds an eyrie? (5) 21 What is har­vested from the sea for al­gi­nate, a sub­stance used in den­tal moulds? (4)

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