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RE­SULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club: Ladies Open Fours: R. Bishop, Z. Wat­son, K. Hen­der­son, H. Haeusler def G. Lenz, S. Loy­dell, D. Ens­bey, G. Newby 23 – 10; A. Win­zar, L. Matt­son, J. Mewett, Y. El­lis def S. Weir, E. Bell, A. Van Der Loos, C. Firth 19 – 18. Ladies’ So­cial: C. Geaney, V. Bird, M. Ib­bert­son def E. An­der­son, B. Ho­ran, C. Crump 22 – 17; S. Ormerod, A. Mar­shall, Y. Turner def A. Sil­lonce, R. Gould, J. Kirby 19 – 12. Wed­nes­day, June 10 - Men’s So­cial: G. Upham, J. Delmody, D. Mann def T. Gre­bert, P. Blank, L. Bar­nett 33 – 12; J. Stephens, R. Win­zar def R. Cauchi, G. Sil­ver­thorne 23 – 14; L. Mar­shall, C. Ens­bey, J. Ho­ran def A. Ritchie, R. Gould, R. Royan 21 – 18; R. Wech­sel, G. Mad­sen, A. Grif­fiths def K. An­drews, C. Ormerod, I. Kirby 22 – 14; P. Mullins, G. Ib­bert­son, W. Nel­son def G. Mewett, Paul L, W. McUtchen 18 – 15; I. Crump, J. Grundy, M. Do­herty def J. Lacey, K. Geaney, A. Camp­bell 28 – 9; I. Reidy, R. Weir, R. Byrnes def N. Blair, E. McCaf­frey, B. Gib­son 26 – 9; G. Haynes, E. Soes­man, S. Boundy def Jesse, Trick, G. Sum­mers 22 – 19; N. Loder, G. Weir, R. Bunn def K. El­lis, R. Cos­grove, M. Strano 21 – 15; P. Walk­ing­ton, R. Hill, P. West def G. Bishop, M. Van Der Loos, A. Essery 31 – 23; G. Scott, G. Loy­dell def P. Nel­son, D. Pater­son 17 – 15; L. Bret­tall, G. Turner, R. Hen­der­son def P. Wil­liams, D. Ferrier, C. Treacy 23 – 18. Thurs­day, June 11 - Jack­pot Triples Twi­light Mixed Bowls: K. Sleep, M. Do­herty, I. Todd def S. Ormerod, K. El­lis, L. Matt­son 21 – 12; P. Mullins, C. Ormerod, I. Kirby def J. Stephens, J. Kirby, C. Firth 27 – 16; N. Loder, Rob Gould, G. Sil­ver­thorne def Rhonda Gould, J. Mewett, S. Boundy 24 – 15; A. Sleep, G. Mewett, D. Ens­bey def G. Lenz, M. Boundy, R. Weir 21 – 14. Men’s Open Triples: A. Grif­fiths, R. Cos­grove, R. Hen­der­son def B. Gib­son, G. Sum­mers, K. Mur­phy 23 – 19. Fri­day, June 12 - Mixed So­cial: G. Ib­bert­son, W. Nel­son def Jesse, R. Royan 28 – 25; C. Ens­bey, R. Weir def J. Grundy, M. Do­herty 25 – 14; G. Sil­ver­thorne, M. Strano def D. Haeusler, G. Weir 26 – 12; C. Treacy, D. Firth def B. Mann, W. McUtchen 24 – 21; K. Geaney, G. Bishop def J. Herbert, D. Peter­son 28 – 16; Paul L, P. Mullins def A. Camp­bell, I. Crump 23 – 22. Satur­day, June 13 - Mixed So­cial: J. Mac­Don­ald, A. Camp­bell def P. Walk­ing­ton, P. Blank 30 – 22; G. Weir, R. Weir def N. Blair, E. McCaf­frey 25 – 14; J. Mewett, G. Mewett def Rhonda Gould, Rob Gould 21 – 17; K. El­lis, I. Todd def K. Aurisch, P. Fraser/Aurisch 19 – 18. Sun­day, June 14 - O. Cook, G. Loy­dell, W. Nel­son def E. Soes­man, D. O’Brien, B. McNa­mara 19 – 11; G. Lenz, K. El­lis, A. Essery def Z. Cook, K. Sleep, I. Kirby 27 – 15; S. Weir, G. Bishop, R. Weir def J. Mac­Don­ald, C. Ormerod, M. Van Der Loos 24 – 21; R. Wech­sel, A. McNa­nee, G. Weir def S. Ormerod, R. Bishop, Y. El­lis 22 – 15; Jesse, G. Newby, R. Byrnes def N. Loder, A. Van Der Loos, M. Strano 22 – 16; A. Sleep, J. Mewett, G. Mewett def J. Brookes, J. Kirby, A. Camp­bell 23 all on ends won; L. Matt­son, B. O’Brien def E. McCaf­frey, W. McUtchen 21 – 17.

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