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RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club: Tues­day, June 16 - B. Cowan, D. Jones def D. Haeusler, B. Gib­son 31-11; R. Saun­ders, D. Ha­ley, K. Bur­ton def D. Saun­ders, M. Bold­er­son, L. Ack­royd 16-13. Thurs­day, June 18 - D. Ha­ley, R. Zim­i­tat def M. Green, J. West 19-18. Betsy, Joy, Carol def Betsy, Joan, Keith 21-14; Nola, Bill def Lisa, Bob 25-18. Sun­day, June 21, Isis bowlers vis­ited Burgowan bowls club play­ing for the Har­mony Tro­phies. The host club was too good for us on the day re­claim­ing the tro­phies. There were some good bowls played on the day with our bowlers en­joy­ing the great hos­pi­tal­ity of the Burgowan bowlers. Win­ners on the day - Isis club - R. Dick­en­son, M. Styles, R. Lin­ton & R. Zim­i­tat. Burgowan club - J. Wohleser, B. Darcy & R and C Haaksma. Burgowan visit us on Novem­ber 1, 2015. Com­pe­ti­tion games to be played to­day, June 25 - Mixed Con­sis­tency Sin­gles: B. McKen­zie v C. Bold­er­son; P. Jack­son v K. Van­der­maal. Mark­ers will be an­nounced on the day. Com­pe­ti­tion to be played July 2 - Mixed Con­sis­tency Sin­gles: G. Daw v M. Bold­er­son. Plus win­ners of games played June 25. Mark­ers will be the de­feated play­ers.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club: Tues­day, June 16 - Fi­nal Ladies’ Open Fours: R. Bishop, Z. Wat­son, K. Hen­der­son, H. Haeusler def L. Matt­son, A. Win­zar, J. Mewett, Y. El­lis 17 – 16. Ladies’ Triples Ro­tat­ing Ends: V. Bird, G. Mor­ris, C. Firth def A. Mar­shall, J. Kirby, A. Van Der Loos 28 – 14; J. Gib­son, G. Lenz, D. Ens­bey def S. Weir, R. Gould, S. Loy­dell 23 – 20; S. Ormerod, C. Crump, E. An­der­son def A. Sleep, M. Ib­bert­son, P. Fraser/Aur­ish 28 – 11. Wed­nes­day, June 17- Men’s So­cial. Games called off due to rain. Thurs­day, June 18 - Twi­light Jack­pot Mixed So­cial: D. Ens­bey, I. Reidy def Rob Gould, A. Camp­bell 26 – 10; Rhonda Gould, J. Mewett, P. Fraser/Aurisch def K. Aurisch, K. El­lis, G. Poul­ton 27 – 13; M. Boundy, C. Ormerod, G. Sum­mers def N. Loder, J. Kirby, E. An­der­son 17 – 15; Z. Cook, J. McDon­ald, S. Boundy def D. Bret­tell, C. Ens­bey, A. Essery 17 – 16; P. Mullins, J. Dar­ling, I. Kirby def A. Sleep, L. Matt­son, G. Poul­ton 17 – 14; S. Ormerod, R. Weir, W. Galway def O. Cook, G. Gal­loway, R. Love 27 – 10; L. Bret­tell, G. Mor­ris, C. Firth def K. Sleep, P. An­der­son, M. Wil­son 28 – 17. Fri­day, June 19 - Brian’s Chicken Run: G. Mad­sen, M. Strano def J. Grid­land, B. Mann 32 – 16; G. Ib­bert­son, G. Sum­mers def B. Gib­son, R. Win­zar 24 – 23; P. Mullins, Paul L def N. Blair, R. Royan 18 – 16; E. An­der­son, P. An­der­son def R. Gould, G. Poul­ton 32 – 15; C. Crump, I. Crump def J. Brooks, W. Nel­son 38 – 20; E. Cameron, P. Blank def J. McDon­ald, M. Van Der Loos 32 – 20; C. Over­all, D. Haeusler def J. Stephens, K. Geaney 23 – 22. Satur­day, June 20 - Jack­pot Mixed Pairs: J. John­son, B. Mann def E. McCaf­frey, R. Bishop 27 – 14; I. Bryant, J. Mac­Don­ald def P. Fraser/Aurisch, K. Aurisch 25 – 14; W. McUtchen, A. Essery def A. Grif­fiths, G. Bishop 25 – 22; K. El­lis, M. Strano def G. Weir, G. Sum­mers 26 – 17; L. Matt­son, R. Royan def G. Mewett, J. Mewett 25 – 14. Sun­day, June 21 - Mixed So­cial: J. Brooks, K. El­lis, A. Camp­bell def S. Ormerod, G. Newby, D. Ens­bey 22 – 20; P. Walk­ing­ton, J. Keller, I. Kirby def A. Sleep, J. Kirby, Y. El­lis 21 all on ends won; O. Cook, R. Bishop, G. Weir def Jesse, K. Sleep, E. McCaf­frey 21 – 17; C. Ormerod, S. Weir, W. Nel­son def Z. Cook, C. Ormerod, J. Mewett 30 – 12; C. Ens­bey, R. Byrnes def R. New­ton, J. Mac­Don­ald 25 – 16; G. Bishop, G. Mewett def I. Crump, C. Crump 24 – 14.


TIGHT GRIP: Reece Maughan holds onto the ball for East Mag­pies in the Rugby League game at Sal­ters Oval two week­ends ago.

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