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1 Dr Fin­lay and Dr Cameron prac­tised in which Scot­tish high­land vil­lage? (11)

8 What long savoury bis­cuit is shaped as a knot or stick? (7)

9 Which Amer­i­can plough in­ven­tor (John __) founded a farm im­ple­ment com­pany? (5)

10 A gar­board in a boat is the first plank next to what? (4)

11 Donetsk was for­merly Stal­ino in which coun­try? (7) 12 What ro­tat­ing part lifts a tap­pet in an en­gine? (3) 13 What was pain­ter Cézanne’s first name? (4) 15 What is the frame hold­ing glass in a win­dow? (4) 17 In­ter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice ab­bre­vi­ated (1,1,1) 19 What is your tym­pa­num? (7) 20 What word can pre­cede fin­ger, shop and cake? (4) 23 What coun­try lies be­tween Nige­ria and Togo? (5) 24 What de­scribes the com­pet­i­tive strug­gle to main­tain one’s po­si­tion, es­pe­cially in work? (3,4)

25 Which 1697 col­lec­tion of tales in­cludes “Sleep­ing Beauty”, “Puss in Boots” and “Cin­derella”? (6,5)


1 What is the cap­i­tal city of Kansas? (6) 2 What is a daugh­ter of one’s brother or sis­ter? (5) 3 What aniseed-flavoured spirit is pop­u­lar in Greece? (4)

4 What is pre­ferred to hy­dro­gen for lighter-than-air bal­loons? (6)

5 Which or­gan­i­sa­tion was set up in 1864 at the in­sti­ga­tion of the Swiss phi­lan­thropist Henri Du­nant? (3,5)

6 Anatom­i­cally, palpe­bral refers to what on the face? (7)

7 A steel an­niver­sary is cel­e­brated af­ter how many years of mar­riage? (6) 12 What was Benny Good­man’s in­stru­ment? (8) 14 What is a word formed from the ini­tial letters of other words? (7)

16 In 1904, Amer­i­can Thomas Sul­li­van cre­ated what drink- re­lated prod­uct? (3,3)

17 Po­et­i­cally, what is to stain, es­pe­cially with blood? (6) 18 What type of food is Nor­we­gian Gje­tost? (6) 21 Which US state lies be­tween Ore­gon and Mon­tana? (5)

22 What is an adult male deer? (4)

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