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ACROSS 1 French dame-jeanne gave rise to the name of what large bul­bous nar­row-necked bot­tle? (8) 7 There is no men­tion of which fruit in the Bi­ble story of Eve’s temp­ta­tion? (5) 8 At state ban­quets, Em­peror Napoleon III proudly dis­played cut­lery of what rare me­tal? (9) 9 What is the ab­bre­vi­a­tion for a bank’s money-dis­pens­ing ma­chine? (1,1,1) 10 Por­ridge is made of ground or rolled what? (4) 11 In the early po­lice TV se­ries Z Cars, what does Z stand for? (6) 13 Who was the first woman to fly solo across the At­lantic? (6,7) 15 Which US pres­i­dent fol­lowed Carter? (6) 16 What type of crea­ture is an ahole­hole? (4) 18 What is “or near­est of­fer” as seen in ad­ver­tise­ments? (1,1,1) 20 What, in the Crimean War, killed ten times more Bri­tish troops than did bat­tle wounds? (9) 21 What loin­cloth is worn by male Hin­dus? (5) 22 What syn­thetic ma­te­rial are wet­suits usu­ally made of? (8)

DOWN 1 Which Athe­nian law­maker, who pre­scribed death for al­most ev­ery of­fence, gave us a word mean­ing ex­ces­sively harsh and se­vere? (5) 2 A mem­ber of the Royal Cana­dian Mounted Po­lice (7) 3 The jug, slam­mer and cooler are nick­names for what? (4) 4 By what name was Ras Ta­fari Makon­nen bet­ter known? (5,8) 5 What type of weapon is an as­segai? (5) 6 Which US state de­rived its name from French for “green moun­tain”? (7) 7 What an­cient two-han­dled jar held oil, wine, etc? (7) 12 Who com­posed “The Four Sea­sons”? (7) 13 The poi­sonous gas hy­dro­gen cyanide smells of what nut­like fruits? (7) 14 “Women there don’t treat you mean, in __”: Which Texas city is fea­tured in a 1963 song? (7) 15 Czech writer Karel Capek in­tro­duced which word to the English lan­guage? (5) 17 Who (Ed­mond __) gained fame as a writer on card games? (5) 19 In which sim­ple card game is the game’s name shouted out? (4)

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