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DRY July is here, and we’re invit­ing you to get on the wagon for a good cause. All you need to do is go al­co­hol-free for a month and do­nate the money you save to help those af­fected by can­cer. If the sug­ges­tion of a month with­out al­co­hol gives you with­drawal symp­toms, this cam­paign is es­pe­cially for you. The ben­e­fits of go­ing booze-free are many. One – weight loss. Al­co­hol adds ex­tra kilo­joules to your in­take. These are empty kilo­joules with­out the nu­tri­tional ben­e­fits and sense of full­ness from 520kj of healthy food. Two – sleep bet­ter. Hav­ing a night­cap might make you fall asleep faster, but later the al­co­hol wears off and your body needs re­hy­drat­ing, caus­ing you to wake. Al­co­hol can also ex­ac­er­bate snor­ing, sleep ap­noea and other breath­ing dis­or­ders. In­stead of a night cap, go for a glass of unsweet­ened milk. Three – stress less. While there is noth­ing like a glass of vino af­ter a stress­ful day at the of­fice, over­do­ing it can make it more dif­fi­cult to cope with stress. Al­co­hol re­duces the body’s phys­i­o­log­i­cal stress re­sponse, and can make it more dif­fi­cult for you to cope with stress. Try al­ter­na­tive stress-re­duc­tion strate­gies, such as breath­ing ex­er­cises, yoga, tai chi, or med­i­ta­tion. Four – clearer skin. Al­co­hol de­hy­drates the body, in­clud­ing your body’s largest or­gan, the skin. Drink­ing in ex­cess can de­prive your skin of vi­tal vi­ta­mins and nu­tri­ents, such as vi­ta­min A, which is re­spon­si­ble for cell re­newal. This can re­sult in dull­ness, dark cir­cles, bloat­ing and puffi­ness, pre­ma­ture ag­ing, as well as rosacea, which causes the skin to flush easily and may leave cap­il­lary dam­age, re­sult­ing in per­ma­nent red­ness! Use Dry July as a skin treat­ment and In­stabrag about your new healthy glow! Five – bet­ter karma. By do­nat­ing the money you’d nor­mally spend on a night out, you can make a dif­fer­ence in the life of some­one af­fected by can­cer. Go booze-free this month via and give your mojo a much-needed boost.

KATIE CLIFT Queens­land Can­cer Coun­cil

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