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THROUGH­PUT for Week 8 was 69,923.77 tonnes of cane, which is the high­est weekly through­put to date for the 2015 sea­son.

The Isis Mill has now pro­cessed 471,856.41 tonnes of cane for the 2015 sea­son.

The high­est hourly crush­ing rate this week was 494.89 tonnes per hour when 71 bins were pro­cessed at an av­er­age bin weight of 6.97 tonnes.

The av­er­age bin weight for the week reached 6.36 tonnes from the 11,015 bins tipped into the car­rier.

Fi­bre val­ues fell to 14.03% dur­ing the week, which con­trib­uted to the in­creased through­put. The high­est in­di­vid­ual CCS recorded for the week came from the Wallav­ille area and was at­trib­uted to the va­ri­ety Q208 2nd ra­toon, which recorded 16.70 units of CCS.

Q208 made up more than 15% of the weekly cane sup­ply with a dis­trict wide CCS av­er­age of 14.56 units.

Weekly CCS showed a sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ment reach­ing 14.12 units for the week.

This brought the year to date CCS av­er­age to 13.06 units.

Sugar pro­duc­tion for the week ex­ceeded 10,300 tonnes IPS of Brand 1 Sugar. We have now de­liv­ered more than 64,000 tonnes of sugar to the bulk sugar ter­mi­nal at the Bund­aberg Port for the 2015 sea­son.

The dry con­di­tions have con­tin­ued with some frosts recorded across the re­gion dur­ing this week.

Fire dan­ger con­tin­ues to in­crease as the dry weather and frosts turn the green fields grey. Grow­ers are urged to be vig­i­lant and to im­ple­ment haz­ard re­duc­tion strate­gies now.

Grow­ers are also re­minded that sea­sonal cane fir­ing per­mits do not ap­ply to haz­ard re­duc­tion fires – please seek fire per­mits for this from your lo­cal fire war­den.

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