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ACROSS 5 In mythol­ogy, who was pun­ished by be­ing made to sup­port the heav­ens? (5) 8 What type of weapon is sarin? (5,3) 9 A gag­gle is a flock of what? (5) 10 What type of food is tor­toni? (3,5) 11 In 1847, Ger­man Theobald Boehm im­proved and patented which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment? (5) 14 What is a spas­modic mus­cle twitch, es­pe­cially in the face? (3) 16 What is the largest mem­ber of the grass fam­ily? (6) 17 Con­trary to the team’s name, what big cat does Ar­gentina’s rugby team dis­play on their jer­seys? (6) 18 Il­lus­tra­tor Jack Davis drew for which wacky mag­a­zine for al­most 50 years? (3) 20 Writer C S Forester was born in which North African city? (5) 24 Which coun­try has in­creased its adult lit­er­acy rate from 4 per cent in the 1950s to over 55 per­cent to­day? (8) 25 Ac­cord­ing to Ben­jamin Franklin, the only cer­tain things are death and what? (5) 26 What do the Ja­panese call their high­est moun­tain? (8) 27 Au­gusta is the cap­i­tal of which US state? (5)

DOWN 1 Bharat is the Hindi name for what? (5) 2 What is a wick­er­work bas­ket for fish? (5) 3 Which (__ Tower) in Chicago was the tallest build­ing in the world when com­pleted in 1973? (5) 4 Bette Mi­dler was an ex­tra in which 1966 adap­ta­tion of a James Mich­ener novel? (6) 6 What is the study of the na­ture of God and re­li­gious belief? (8) 7 A dog breed used by the French and Ger­man armies in WWI was re­named what when in­tro­duced to Eng­land? (8) 12 What Poly­ne­sian gar­ment con­sists of a rec­tan­gle of fab­ric? (8) 13 Which city in Scot­land is known as the Gran­ite City? (8) 14 Who is the cen­tral char­ac­ter in The Wa­ter-Ba­bies? (3) 15 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion for the hu­man form of mad cow dis­ease (1,1,1) 19 “Best That You Can Do” is the theme song from which 1981 film? (6) 21 What is an in­for­mal name for the South­ern states of the US? (5) 22 What is a wide flat piece of wood in the cen­tre of a chair back? (5) 23 Which city is Bo­livia’s largest? (2,3)

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