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RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club: Tues­day Au­gust 11: D. Hausler, C. Wid­dson def K. Van­der­maal, D. Jones 22-19; P. Kee, K. Mur­phy def P. Mete, G. Daw 25-17; W. Thomas, J. Brodge def J. Daniels, D. Ha­ley 19-17; R. Saun­ders, L. Ack­royd, K. Bur­ton def M. Bold­er­son, B. Revel, D. Keat­ing 33-14; D. Saun­ders, R. Cle­ments def C. Ens­bey, G. Sum­mers 17-15. Thurs­day Au­gust 13: L. Grant, B. Cowan, R. Cle­ments def L. Grant, K. Van­der­maal, D. Ha­ley 21-14; N. Munkman, J. New­ton, R. Zim­i­tat def B. Cole­brook, P. Jack­son, C. Bold­er­son 21-16. Sun­day Au­gust 16: G. Green, E. Dick­en­son def J. Pas­coe, R. Dick­en­son 25-15; L. Grant, R. Lin­ton def B. Cole­brook, J. Car­ruthers 19-17. Pen­nant Re­sult. Well done Isis bowlers who de­feated Woodgate last Satur­day in their sec­ond Pen­nant game of the sea­son played at the Isis Bowls Club. Com­bined score of our three teams of four men was 72 to 36. This week­end on Satur­day start­ing at 1pm we have another home game play­ing Bar­gara. Spec­ta­tors welcome.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Cen­tral Mill Bowls Club: Come and Try bowls. It's great fun. Bowls supplied. New play­ers welcome. Wed­nes­day af­ter­noon bowls start at 12 noon. Names in by 11.30am. Af­ter­noon tea. All play­ers welcome. Sun­day af­ter­noon bowls start at 1pm. Names in by 12.30pm. Af­ter­noon tea. All play­ers welcome. So­cial bowls re­sults, Wed­nes­day - S. Hen­nessey, K. Shep­pard, N. Lin­coln, B. Wilkins def N. Hartwig, Ron Phillips, R. Lil­ley, A. Man­ning 20-19; B. Dougall, D. Hen­nessey, E. Hartwig, P. Duffy def B. Ryan, I. McClure, T. Lin­coln, E. Crowe 20-16. Last Sun­day was our an­nual AGM. Many thanks to all the mem­bers who at­tended, and also the Gad­abouts from Moore Park and sur­round­ing area who trav­elled to the club for a bar­be­cue and a great day of bowls, with 46 play­ers at­tend­ing. Con­grat­u­la­tions to Michael Clarke, our new pres­i­dent and all the new com­mit­tee mem­bers. Last Satur­day ICM played Bar­gara in the sec­ond round of pen­nants with ICM win­ning 61-55. A great ef­fort by our play­ers. This Satur­day we travel to Gin Gin for the third round of pen­nants, play starts at 1pm.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club: Tues­day Au­gust 11, Ladies Con­sis­tency Sin­gles: H. Haeusler def K. Hen­der­son 154 – 148. Ladies So­cial: C. Cay­ley, J. Fisher, S. Brown def S. Richard­son, J. Bath, H. Mar­shall 30 – 20; M. Smith/B. Thompson, M. Boundy, K. Sheers def T. How­ell, J. Hind­marsh, J. But­ler 31 – 12; A. Mar­shall, L. Cooper, D. Ens­bey def E. Atkin­son, E. Wid­di­son, S. Loy­dell 26 – 12; L. Brad­ford, R. Bishop, Y. Turner def L. Kelly, Y. Kee, P. FraserAurisch 24 – 19; H. Danziger, D. Brody, C. Par­doe def M. Tay­lor, G. Lenz, Y. El­lis 23 – 21; M. Kerr, M. Ib­bert­son, C. Crump def G. Rev­ell, V. Bird, E. Bell 34 – 8; C. Bar­bary, J. Mitchell, C. Firth def B. Er­rey, J. Mitchell, B. Moon 30 – 19; D. Essery, L. Alexan­der, K. Ellery def K. Nea­gle, J. Mewett, G. Mor­ris 26 – 15. Wed­nes­day Au­gust 12 - Men’s So­cial: J. Har­bourne, K. Kelly, M. Strano def J. Daniels, P. Flynn, I. Kirby 26 – 13; L. Hay­den, K. Fisher, B. Hooke def B. Mans­field, T. Hitch­man, B. Cay­ley 31 – 18; D. Turnbull, D. Ferrier, A. Essery def P. Walk­ing­ton, D. Er­rey, R. Curtis 18 – 17; N. Loder, K. Aurisch, N. Del­bridge def O. Cook, C. How­ell, D. But­ler 25 – 14; P. Wil­liams, G. Mad­sen, R. Alexan­der def K. Geaney, K. El­lis, A. Camp­bell 22 – 15; A. McKin­non, G. Kerr, R. Tracey def P. Nel­son, B. Rev­ell, B. Jenk­ins 15 – 14; P. Mullins, C. Ens­bey, G. Ellery def D. Keat­ing, G. Haynes, Pud Kee 18 – 14; T. O’Shea, D. Saun­ders, R. New­ton def K. Fiske, B. Wil­son, M. Quinn 23 – 16; K. Wil­son, J. John­son, B. Gib­son def A. Mor­ris, S. Fer­gus­son, S. Boundy 19 – 16; S. Wil­son, R. Byrnes def B. Vines, M. Reck­en­berg 21 – 12; K. Van Der Mall, G. Loy­dell, N. Blair def R. Rodger, A. Mar­shall, E, McCaf­frey 25 – 20; E. Soes­man, G. Mewett, R. Weir def R. Cauchi, B. Cooper, E. Cameron 37 – 14; R. Gould, A. Grif­fiths, C. Wid­di­son def T. Gre­bert, P. Blank, C. Topliff 24 – 13; K. Mitchell, S. Cole, R. Hen­der­son def K. Glen, D. Ha­ley, R. Royan 36 – 7; A. Ritchie, G. Bishop, J. Brody def D. Mug­gle­ton, Trick, P. Jones 16 all on ends won; G. Ib­bert­son, R. Hill, J. Flana­gan def M. Les­lie, J. Reeves, R. Bunn 22 – 12. Thurs­day Au­gust 13 - Mixed Twi­light Bowls: A. McTag­gart, D. Ryan def R. Alexan­der, T. Hitch­man 25 – 13; R. Gould, D. Turnbull, M. Strano def P. Cor­nash, J. John­son, D. Mug­gle­ton 29 – 18; P. Mullins, G. Lenz, I. Kirby def K. Glen, S. Richard­son, D. Mann 22 – 8; M. Smith, K. Aurisch, P. Jones def J. Kirby, Y. Kee, B. Jenk­ins 20 – 12; L. Brad­ford, J. Hitch­man, P. Fraser-Aurisch def J. Cor­nisch, N. Hutch­man, R. Weir 17 – 13; P. McTag­gart, K. Sheers, D. Ens­bey def C. Cay­ley, C. Spencer, B. Cay­ley 21 – 9; C. Rev­ell, L. Alexan­der, B. Rev­ell def H. Mar­shall, A. Mar­shall, J. Mewett 18 – 17; G. Mewett, L. Matt­son def R. Gould, C. Par­doe 15 – 12; L. Kelly, E. His­lop, Pud Kee def R. Har­graves, K. Har­graves, A. Camp­bell 16 – 14. Fri­day Au­gust 14 - Brian’s Chicken Run: P. Blank, E. Cameron def N. Del­bridge, R. Rodger 33 – 15; G. Sum­mers, R. Weir def Pud Kee, W. McUtchen 25 – 15; G. Ellery, K. Ellery def K. Fisher, J. Fisher 23 – 21; C. Bar­bary, D. Er­rey def L. Alexan­der, R. Alexan­der 25 – 22; J. Brooks, W. Nel­son def G. Rev­ell, B. Rev­ell 26 – 14; B. Thomason, R. An­tonie def P. McTag­gart, A. McTag­gart 26 – 18; D. But­ler, B. Cooper def P. Mullins, A. Ryan 31 – 13. Satur­day Au­gust 15 - Dis­trict Pen­nants Round 2. Di­vi­sion 1. Across the Waves def Woodgate at Woodgate. Di­vi­sion 2. Moore Park def Woodgate at Woodgate. Di­vi­sion 5. Childers def Woodgate at Childers. Di­vi­sion 7. Woodgate def Bund­aberg at Bund­aberg Sun­day Au­gust 16 - Woodgate Mixed Triples. 30 teams nom­i­nated. Over­all Win­ners. David Dawes (skip), Jim Hil­lier, June Hil­lier. Run­ners Up. Bob Win­zar (skip), Graham Sum­mers, Ann Win­zar. Third Rob­bie Byrnes (skip), Karen Hen­der­son, Ken Geaney. Fourth. Cec Roberts (skip), L. Hup­pom, K. Roberts. Lucky Team. Ray Hen­der­son. Round Win­ning Skips. Round 1. Rob Royan. Round 2. Heather Haeusler. Round 3. Carol Par­doe.


SHOCK: Tweed player David Sheri­dan benched for 10 min­utes for his part in the brawl.


IN­TRUST SU­PER CUP: Tweed Heads Seag­ulls' James Wood play­ing against CQ Capras' Tar­rant Mariner at Sal­ter Oval.

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