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TO GIVE or not to give? That is the ques­tion on a lot of lips these days. No one can blame any­one for be­ing wary as users and abusers, con artists and fraud­sters ply their trade among us. How­ever, there are those in our com­mu­nity who like to try to brighten the days of oth­ers by giv­ing small gifts as a sur­prise and also flow­ers, etc. Life is mostly a sad, hard road, and it can be nice to be able to re­ceive lit­tle acts of kind­ness. In­stead we hear, “It isn’t nec­es­sary”, or much worse, “Don’t trust him/her – what are they af­ter?” or “No one gives any­thing with­out want­ing some­thing in re­turn”. What hor­ri­ble com­ments. The givers are looked upon as only seek­ing to buy the friend­ship of oth­ers or make them­selves look good. At some places of work, it has hap­pened that em­ploy­ees who love their jobs have given 100% ef­fort for their wages. “Slow down, you are mak­ing the rest of us look bad,” they have been told. From then on, they are la­belled crawlers and the boss’s yes men, and os­tracised. So, be­cause of all of the above, do givers keep on giv­ing, or do they just let the sus­pi­cion of oth­ers put an end to their giv­ing of gifts? If so, I think the world will be a darker place in which to live. Betty Lowis, Bund­aberg

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