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1 The gourami, an Asian fish, builds an un­usual nest made from what round things? (7)

4 Which town in An­dalu­sia, Spain is the cen­tre of the sherry-mak­ing in­dus­try? (5) 7 What might a sailor shout to at­tract at­ten­tion? (4) 8 What is an old name for graphite? (8) 10 The Grand Wiz­ard of the Em­pire is the head of which se­cret ter­ror­ist or­gan­i­sa­tion? (2,4,4)

12 What an­i­mal pur­sues Road Run­ner in the car­toon films? (6)

13 What low-rank­ing fe­male do­mes­tic ser­vant does me­nial work? (6)

15 What is a record of own­er­ship of a work of art or an an­tique? (10)

18 Tegucigalpa is the cap­i­tal city of which Cen­tral Amer­i­can coun­try? (8) 19 Alope­cia is the loss of what? (4) 20 In 3500 BC, the Egyp­tians were us­ing spe­cial tools to twist papyrus fi­bres and leather strips into what? (5)

21 Which ver­nac­u­lar lan­guage orig­i­nated from a mix­ture of Ger­man, He­brew and Slavic, with traces of other lan­guages? (7)


1 Which snooker ball scores seven points? (5) 2 What did Vic­to­ria and David Beck­ham name their son born in 1999? (8)

3 Who is the pa­tron saint of artists and physi­cians? (2,4)

4 Who is the youth­ful nar­ra­tor of R L Steven­son’s novel Trea­sure Is­land? (3,7)

5 What de­scribes a horse with a brown­ish coat thickly sprin­kled with white or grey? (4) 6 What is the sci­en­tific study of an­i­mals? (7) 9 What com­mon wild flow­ers are Ra­nun­cu­lus acris? (10)

11 The name of which vil­lain in Ge­orge du Mau­rier’s novel Trilby has be­come a syn­onym for any men­tor who wields a dark, mes­meric power over his pupil? (8)

12 White aro­matic crys­tals of what were once com­monly burnt as a cure for colds and dis­eases? (7) 14 What is a large en­clo­sure for birds? (6) 16 Which planet is third from the Sun? (5) 17 What is to shape a piece of flint or stone for a par­tic­u­lar use by strik­ing it? (4)

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