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6 Mal­colm Sayer de­signed the E-Type model for which car maker? (6)

7 Writer Alek­sandr Pushkin was born in which city? (6)

10 What bank doc­u­ments were first is­sued in 1659 in Lon­don? (7)

11 Whose (Al­bert __) oral po­lio vac­cine was given to mil­lions of Rus­sians be­fore be­ing re­leased in the US? (5)

12 Which Paris in­ter­na­tional air­port is in the south of the city? (4)

13 What word can pre­cede shift, blind­ness and school? (5)

16 What is a piece of turf cut out by a swing­ing golf club? (5)

17 Ge­orge Walker de­signed cars for which com­pany dur­ing the age of the tail fin? (4)

20 Which Amer­i­can-born woman (Nancy __) was the first woman to sit in Bri­tain’s House of Com­mons? (5) 21 Lis­doon­va­rna is a spa town where? (7) 22 Which folk-singer (Pete __) wrote the song “If I Had a Ham­mer”? (6)

23 What ed­i­ble kid­ney-shaped nut comes from the aca­jou tree? (6)


1 What emer­gency de­vices for pilots were in­vented by Heinkel dur­ing WWII? (7,5) 2 Who, in 1897, wrote The In­vis­i­ble Man? (1,1,5) 3 Giv­ing us the name for Jan­uary, which Ro­man god has two faces, look­ing for­wards and back­wards? (5)

4 Who (Fer­di­nand __) in 1934, de­signed the “peo­ple’s car”, the Volk­swa­gen? (7) 5 What pro­tec­tive crusts form over wounds? (5) 8 A win­ning jockey’s stance in the sad­dle gave us what ex­pres­sion for an easy vic­tory? (3,5,4)

9 Who (Sir Alec __) de­signed the Mor­ris Mi­nor and Mini? (9)

14 Carl Olsen was di­rec­tor of styling for which French car maker? (7)

15 What method of paint­ing uses opaque pig­ments ground in wa­ter and thick­ened with a glue-like sub­stance? (7)

18 In 1996, China over­took Ja­pan to be­come the world’s largest pro­ducer of what com­mod­ity? (5)

19 What de­scribes an an­i­mal, once do­mes­ti­cated, liv­ing in the wild? (5)

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