Global warm­ing

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“IF WE don’t stop dump­ing our waste CO2 into the sky, land that is now home to more than a bil­lion peo­ple will one day be un­der­wa­ter,” said the lead au­thor of a new study. Ac­cord­ing to mod­el­ing pub­lished in Science Ad­vances, burn­ing the planet’s re­main­ing fos­sil fuel re­sources would melt much of Antarc­tica’s ice cover lead­ing to a 50 to 60 me­tre rise in sea level. This would put many highly pop­u­lated ur­ban ar­eas un­der wa­ter. Be­cause car­bon per­sists in the at­mos­phere for mil­len­nia af­ter it is re­leased, the mod­el­ling looked at the ice sheet’s evo­lu­tion over the next 10,000 years. If car­bon emis­sions con­tinue at cur­rent lev­els, sea level rise over the next 1000 years will be about 30mm a year lead­ing to 30m of sea level rise by the end of this mil­len­nium. If global warm­ing did not ex­ceed the 2 de­gree Cel­sius tar­get cited by cli­mate pol­i­cy­mak­ers, Antarc­tic melt­ing would cause sea lev­els to rise only a few me­tres.

Di­eter Moeckel Won­bah

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