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RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club: Tues­day, Septem­ber 8 - P. Mete, D. Jones, G. Daw def P. Mete, L. Ack­royd, K. Bur­ton 21-15; A. Ritchie, M. Bold­er­son, K. Mur­phy def I. Feeney, D. Ha­ley, R. Cle­ments 25-13. Thurs­day, Septem­ber 10 - L. Grant, B. Cowan, R. Cle­ments def L. Grant, B. McKen­zie, D. Ha­ley 23-22; D. Pratt, R. Zim­i­tat def J. New­ton, J. West 17-16; M. Green, P. Cole def N. Monkman, C. Bold­er­son 18-15. Sun­day, Septem­ber 13 - G. Green, R. Lin­ton def R. Dick­en­son, E. Dick­en­son 25-16. Satur­day, Septem­ber 12 - Isis Men’s Pen­nant. Isis def Bar­gara at Bar­gara. Well done guys. Two rinks won and one lost, but our com­bined to­tal score was 6 points more than Bar­gara. We now play Bar­gara in the fi­nal of the Pen­nants this com­ing Satur­day at El­liot Heads Bowls Club, which is a neu­tral ground for both our clubs. Start time is 1pm. Skips please ar­range trans­port.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Cen­tral Mill Bowls Club: Come and try bowls. It’s great fun. Bowls supplied. New play­ers welcome. Wed­nes­day af­ter­noon bowls start at noon. Names in by 11.30am. Af­ter­noon tea. All play­ers welcome. Sun­day af­ter­noon bowls start at 1pm. Names in by 12.30pm. Af­ter­noon tea. All play­ers welcome. So­cial bowls re­sults Wed­nes­day - C. Win­ter, N. Lin­coln, T. Lin­coln def B. Dougall, E. Crowe, P. Duffy 22-18; S. Hen­nessey, D. Hen­nessey, J. Cap­petta def H. Cap­peta, N. Hartwig, E. Hartwig 24-10. Sun­day So­cial - C. Win­ter, K. Shep­pard, A. Man­ning def N. Hartwig, R. Lil­ley, E. Crowe 21-13. Last Satur­day ICM played Gin Gin in the last round of pen­nants at ICM with Gin Gin win­ning 60-57. A great ef­fort by our play­ers for the pen­nants sea­son.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club: Tues­day, Septem­ber 8 - Ladies So­cial: L. Kelly, A. Sleep, E. Bell def C. Cay­ley, C. Ro­gasch, M. Smith 21-15; C. Geaney, E. Atkin­son, M. Ib­bert­son def C. Ferrier, V. Bird, Y. Turner 24-18. Ladies Dis­trict Pen­nants Di­vi­sion 1: Woodgate def Bund­aberg 2 games to 1 at Woodgate. Wed­nes­day, Septem­ber 9 Men’s So­cial: J. Daniels, N. Blair, B. Mann def P. Mullins, G. Bishop, G. Mad­sen 34-14; R. Everett, E. McCaf­frey, B. Win­zar def G. Ib­bert­son, J. John­son, R. Hen­der­son 35-12; G. Turner, K. Sleep, G. Wardell def A. McKin­non, B. Cay­ley, R. Royan 19-18; Jesse, R. Weir, R. Hoff­man def L. Hay­den, G. Weir, R. Han­nah 25-19; L. Bret­tell, G. Mewett, R. Bunn def P. Walk­ing­ton, R. Hill, D. Ferrier 26-14; K. Geaney, G. Haynes, W. Nel­son def A. Ritchie, L. Tre­ichel, S. Boundy 33-10; J. Cheers, W. Ben­son, M. Strano def N. Tucker, C. Ens­bey, D. Firth 22-13; P. Walk­ing­ton, R. Cauchi, I. Kirby def P. Nel­son, N. Hutchin­son, B. Hooke 28-23. Thurs­day, Septem­ber 10 Jack­pot Triples Mixed So­cial: W. Galway, J. John­son, def B. Hin­ton, R. Byrnes 26-21; J. Mewett, R. Weir def L. McConchie, M. Strano 25-17; L. Kelly, P. Mullins, W. Nel­son def C. Cay­ley, G. Mewett, B. Cay­ley 19-15. Fri­day, Septem­ber 11 - Ladies Dis­trict Pen­nants: Di­vi­sion 1. Woodgate def Bund­aberg at Bund­aberg. Satur­day, Septem­ber 12 Men’s Dis­trict Pen­nants: Di­vi­sion 1. Bur­nett def Woodgate 2 games to 1 at Woodgate; Di­vi­sion 2. Bar­gara def Woodgate 2 games to 1 at Woodgate; Di­vi­sion 5. El­liott Heads def Woodgate 2 games to 1 at El­liott Heads; Di­vi­sion 7. Easts def Woodgate 2 games to nil at Easts. Sun­day, Septem­ber 13 - Mixed So­cial: D. O’Hal­lo­ran, G. Bishop def G. O’Hal­lo­ran, D. Hutchin­son 24-18; J. Mewett, G. Newby def E. Bell, L. McConchie 21-13; R. Bishop, Jesse, R. Royan def G. Lenz, B. Hutchi­son, D. Ens­bey.



GREY skies de­terred some play­ers from com­pet­ing in the club-spon­sored sin­gle sta­ble­ford com­pe­ti­tion on Satur­day. Len Stal­lard recorded his best score for some time, ac­cu­mu­lat­ing 38 points to win the day from Bill Her­ring on 37, with run­downs to Adrian Martin, Peter Hut­ton, Mark Tedge (36), Terry Small­man and Mark McAu­lay (33). Leigh Cronin (7.0m) won the A Di­vi­sion pin­shot on 1&10; Ken Al­bion (2.53m) the B Di­vi­sion ap­proach. Clin­ton Dowl­ing (3.15m) won the A Di­vi­sion pin­shot on 4&13; Adrian Martin (3.92m) the B Di­vi­sion pin­shot. Next week a num­ber of mem­bers are away and the com­pe­ti­tion for those stay­ing here will be a sin­gle stroke. The fol­low­ing week the post­poned Craig Swift-spon­sored day should take place.


VICKI WYETH won the ladies’ sin­gle sta­ble­ford com­pe­ti­tion on Thurs­day with 37 points from Kerry Sch­nack on 32. Kerry (1.0m) also won the ap­proach. Joy Cart­ner and Vicki McAu­lay played the match play fi­nal with Joy win­ning 1-up on the 18th hole. Con­grat­u­la­tions to Joy and Vicki for a great con­test. This Thurs­day the com­pe­ti­tion will be de­cided be­fore hit-off at 8.30am. Vicki McAu­lay put the dis­ap­point­ment of Thurs­day’s loss be­hind her and recorded 39 points to win the sin­gle sta­ble­ford com­pe­ti­tion from He­len Ric­cia­rdi on 36 points. Robyn Robin­son (0.54m) won the ladies’ ap­proach. Next Satur­day we play a club-spon­sored sin­gle stroke com­pe­ti­tion, with the Craig Swift-spon­sored day post­poned un­til the fol­low­ing Satur­day.


THIS week again many play­ers emerged with top scores in both di­vi­sions in the sin­gle sta­ble­ford com­pe­ti­tion. Terry Small­man again won A Di­vi­sion with 40 points, from Nigel Radin with 38 points run­ner-up on count­back. Peter Hut­ton won best nine with 22 points. Rose Cochrane won B Di­vi­sion with 37 points from Co­ralie Vol­gyesi on 36, with Jack Smith win­ning best nine with 21 points. Gary Gret­ton (1.07m) won the men’s ap­proach on 1&10; Cyn­thia Draper (0.21m) the com­bined ap­proach on 4&13; Vicki Wyeth (0.05m) the women’s ap­proach on 6&15. Peter Hut­ton led the Chook Run win­ners with 29 net from Terry Small­man (31), Rose Cochrane, Vicki McAu­lay, Mark McAu­lay, Bob Werne and Nigel Radin (32). Next week we play the Childers Mary­bor­ough game, hit­ting off at 9.30am with a shot­gun start.


SLIGHTLY over­cast last Sun­day, which meant that num­bers were down slightly but we still man­aged 21 play­ers. The game was won by Diane Charles with a cred­i­ble 24 and for her trou­bles los­ing 2.4 off her hand­i­cap. The sec­ond was con­tested by four play­ers, not the three as men­tioned at the club, and they were Terry Small­man, Nigel Ison, Scotty White and Paul McCar­ragher all on 20 points. On a re­count the places were as fol­lows: Paul McCar­ragher sec­ond, Terry Small­man third. The cards are avail­able for pe­rusal by the mem­bers if there are any queries. Paul Loses 1.3 and Terry loses 0.8. The B Grade Long­est Drive was won by Terry Small­man, who also took out the Com­bined Near­est the Pin on the 13th. Diane Charles won the B Grade Ap­proach on the 10th with a Birdie, Dave Durie the A Grade Long­est Drive, Col Den­nett the A Grade Near­est the Pin on the 10th and Scotty white the Ap­proach on the 16th. On the no­tice­board there are the par­tic­u­lars of the Christ­mas Party for this year and a form to be filled out by those who will be at­tend­ing. If you are tak­ing your own buggy, please mark the re­quired col­umn with a tick and if you re­quire a hire buggy, then put an X in the same col­umn. There is also a nom­i­na­tion form for the Club Com­mit­tee for next year. Have a good think about it and nom­i­nate or nom­i­nate some­one else for a po­si­tion. Those mem­bers who nom­i­nate some­one else, please make sure that that per­son is will­ing to take on the job. Next week a Stroke and Putt over the Front Nine and Ed will be run­ning the show as I have a week off. Have a great week and see you in a fort­night.


RE­SULTS of Vet­er­ans 18 Hole Stroke played on Tues­day, Septem­ber 8 and spon­sored by High­way Ho­tel. Win­ner: Norm Baker 72; Run­down: Alan Ball, Alan Davies 73. Other scores: Bruce McCor­mack 73, Ron Beckey 77, Brian Cooke 78, Len Josey 80, Kevin Shaw 81, He­len Davies 83, D McKay 84, Carol Martin 85, Jim Man­der­son Jnr 88, Brian Cooke 86, Len Josey 89, Norm Baker DQ. Pin Shot 7 and 16: Alan Ball. Ap­proach Shot 5 and 14: Brian Cooke. Long­est Putt: 9 and 18 Alan Davies. Putts: Alan Davies 25. Re­sults from 18 Hole Sta­ble­ford Event for Cap­tains Day played on Satur­day, Septem­ber 12. Win­ner: John Bolt 39pts; Run Down: Ross Ron­lund 39, He­len Davies 37, Quin­ton Jensen 36, Jesse Find­lay 34. Other scores: Ivan Ke­une 33, Alan Davies 32, Jason Shield 29. Pin Shot 7 and 16: Ivan Ke­une. Long Putt: He­len Davies. Next week: Satur­day Septem­ber 19, 2015 – Fi­nal Round of Pa­trons Tro­phy.

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