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1 What new thing, the Duke of Welling­ton com­plained, would en­cour­age the work­ing classes to move about Eng­land? (7) 4 What is the B in the snack BLT? (5) 7 What high-pitched flute is his­tor­i­cally as­so­ci­ated with in­fantry troops? (4) 8 What strong spirit is drunk as a beer chaser in Ger­many? (8) 10 “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and ____” (Ben­jamin Dis­raeli)(10) 12 In where does a squir­rel carry food? (6) 13 What wind­ing ski course goes down­hill around ob­sta­cles? (6) 15 Which South African gold coin weighs ex­actly one ounce? (10) 18 A 2002 Euro­pean Court of Jus­tice rul­ing pro­tect­ing what cheese caused other mak­ers to change the name of their grated cheese? (8) 19 What was the cap­i­tal of West Ger­many from 1949 to 1990? (4) 20 Bhak­ta­pur is in what coun­try? (5) 21 Where in Cal­i­for­nia is Dis­ney­land? (7)


1 What are short re­peated phrases in pop mu­sic or jazz? (5) 2 What type of in­truder de­tec­tors sense body heat? (8) 3 What com­pete in Europe’s Fast­net race? (6) 4 17th-cen­tury as­tronomer Johannes Ke­pler in­vented what com­mon see­ing aid? (10) 5 Pop­u­lar in the 19th cen­tury, what gar­ment is a peler­ine? (4) 6 What de­scribes a medicine of ques­tion­able ef­fi­cacy pre­pared by an un­qual­i­fied per­son? (7) 9 Who is Peter Pan’s fairy friend? (6,4) 11 Which gang­ster was be­hind the killing of seven mem­bers of Bugs Moran’s gang in the St Valen­tine’s Day mas­sacre of 1929? (2,6) 12 In 1910 Lon­don, which doc­tor dis­sected his wife and buried parts of her in his cel­lar? (7) 14 What large green lizard is found through­out trop­i­cal Amer­ica, of­ten in trees over­hang­ing wa­ter? (6) 16 What is the most pop­u­lar fab­ric for jeans? (5) 17 What is a worker in a cam­era crew who moves and sets up equip­ment? (4)

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