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1. Who is the only re­main­ing orig­i­nal mem­ber of The Wiggles? 2. What is the name of Bat­man’s but­ler? 3. Home­own­ers dread find­ing signs of Ano­bium punc­ta­tum. What are these crea­tures more com­monly called? 4. Which drink, pop­u­lar in Europe since the 1940s, was bought by the Coca-Cola com­pany in 1960? 5. Ni­co­lae Ceaus­escu was pres­i­dent of which coun­try from 1974 to 1989? 6. What would you do with a dhoti - eat it, wear it or smoke it? 7. In a Kenny Rogers song, who is con­sid­ered to be the Cow­ard Of The County? 8. Who said the fa­mous line “An army marches on its stom­ach”?

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