Visi­tors re­port ap­pari­tions

Spir­i­tual in­ves­ti­ga­tors ex­plore mys­ter­ies of Ap­ple Tree Creek

Isis Town and Country - - News - By JODIE DIXON

THE Down Un­der Spirit Team (DUST) made the jour­ney from Bris­bane to in­ves­ti­gate the supernatural events that have been recorded over the years in Childers.

The team mem­bers were ex­cited, and from the time they ar­rived, it was ap­par­ent to them there has been and is a lot of supernatural ac­tiv­ity in Childers, and they were ex­cited to be in­ves­ti­gat­ing the town’s mys­tery sight­ings.

This is the first re­port de­liv­ered af­ter the in­ves­ti­ga­tion, and founder Rick Bur­den said his team would take up two weeks to an­a­lyse all the record­ings. He prom­ises to de­liver a sec­ond re­port when all read­ings are com­pleted.

The hall

FROM the time Jodie men­tioned go­ing to the Ap­ple Tree Creek Hall, I kept on see­ing two peo­ple – a small boy and a small girl. They had not said any­thing to me, or given me any in­di­ca­tion as to why they were pre­sent­ing. They just were pre­sent­ing to me for some rea­son.

When I first walked into the hall, I felt like I was mov­ing through a crowd of peo­ple that were all talk­ing at the same time, and I couldn’t make out one sin­gle con­ver­sa­tion, as each con­ver­sa­tion drowned out.

Upon en­ter­ing, I could also hear mu­sic, vintage mu­sic, like the waltz. That type of mu­sic, while bril­liant, it’s not my cup of tea, so to speak, so I am not sure ex­actly what song it was that I was hear­ing.

I was im­me­di­ately drawn to the stage area. As I ap­proached, the panel at the front of the stage dis­ap­peared and I saw the two chil­dren hid­ing un­der the stage. They told me “Shhh, we are hid­ing from a man”. It didn’t make much sense to me, un­til I was speak­ing to Sharon Gan­der from the Hall. She in­formed me the hall for many years has been used as a church. The church side of things im­me­di­ately had a cor­re­la­tion to the chil­dren for me – not in a bad way. It was more like they were hid­ing from a dis­ci­plinar­ian, and they didn’t want to get “hurt”.

Walk­ing around the hall, I was then drawn back to­wards the front of the hall, where the tro­phy cab­i­net area is. As I was walk­ing down there, a man ap­peared sit­ting on the blue re­cliner chair, lean­ing back with his feet up. He was a thin-built man, with a longer bushy beard. He said, “I like this chair. We did not have any­thing like this back in my day.”

I was then drawn to look at the pic­tures be­side the tro­phies. I al­most fell over when I saw the man on the chair in one of the photos! Mr J Frost.

At this stage, no one there could shed any light on who Mr Frost was, or his ties to the hall. Mr Frost started fol­low­ing me around the hall for a short while af­ter that point, up un­til we all went out the front to get the gear ready to start try­ing to in­ves­ti­gate.

Lastly for the hall, I went back up to the stage area, and the door just to stage left, the ladies’ toi­let, I think. When I stepped into the room just be­fore the toi­lets them­selves, where the hand basin is, I picked up on a fe­male energy. I couldn’t see her – just felt her energy.

There was a lot of guilt and shame, and em­bar­rass­ment was sur­round­ing her energy as she had a baby out of wed­lock.

I got the dis­tinct feel­ing that she com­mit­ted sui­cide over it. I also got the dis­tinct feel­ing that the baby was killed over it, too, but I don’t know if she killed the baby or some­one else did.

I get a strong feel­ing her energy is land-based, which is prob­a­bly why I couldn’t see her, as she might have been un­der the floor­boards.

The Grand Ho­tel

WHEN I first ar­rived at the Grand Ho­tel, it felt “empty”, for lack of a bet­ter word. It wasn’t un­til af­ter we fin­ished lunch, went for a short walk, and came back and sat in the beer gar­den area that I started re­ally pick­ing up on things. When we went for the walk men­tioned above, we walked down the al­ley­way at the Grand Ho­tel.

Be­fore I walked into the al­ley­way, I turned to Alain and told him I was see­ing horse hooves.

It was just the horse hooves, and they were walk­ing (or trot­ting). I couldn’t see the rest of the horses, just the hooves. Alain then pointed me to the sign, and I had a read of the sign.

When we got back from the walk, we were sit­ting at a ta­ble in the beer gar­den. I was sit­ting there talk­ing with ev­ery­one and I was flicked on the back of the neck. It was like a fin­ger flick. It didn’t feel threat­en­ing, just mis­chievous. While sit­ting in the beer gar­den, I started get­ting a few vi­sions of a lady.

She was only pre­sent­ing to me, show­ing her­self from be­hind. She was wear­ing a le­mon-coloured dress, neck to toe, black shoes, white lacy el­bow-length gloves and hair pulled back into a bun at the back of her head. She was just float­ing there in mid-air with a rope around her neck and “swing­ing”. She gave me no other in­for­ma­tion, no names, and never showed her­self from the front.

In­side the bar, tab and poker ma­chine ar­eas, I felt the energy of a male roam­ing the pub. I didn’t feel his energy up­stairs, but while I was in the hall­way down­stairs (be­tween the front bar and the poker ma­chine room), I saw the energy walk up the stairs. His energy had the vibe of be­ing an old man­ager, or owner of the pub, and he was just go­ing about his busi­ness run­ning the pub. I think a room or two may have changed from his time, as he went through a cou­ple of walls. I also get the feel­ing with this energy that things might be moved by it – doors open or closed by it, lights turned on and off by it, etc. He means no harm, and is just wan­der­ing around do­ing what he thinks is his job.

While sleep­ing overnight (room 11, just at the top of the stairs to the right), I had a vi­sion.

To make full dis­clo­sure here, Crys­tal did men­tion that there had been re­ports of a se­cret door in the room I was stay­ing in that led to the next room, and a lot of re­ported ac­tiv­ity. I didn’t get any ac­tiv­ity in the room. In fact, it felt empty, for lack of a bet­ter word. Dur­ing the night, though, as men­tioned, I did have a vi­sion.

I was in the room, and the lit­tle com­mode in the far cor­ner of the room was no longer there, nor the steel cagey clothes hanger.

I saw a hand reach out and open a lit­tle door no big­ger than three feet by three feet, right in that cor­ner, be­hind the com­mode that is there now.

When the door opened, I could see into the other room.

That is all I was shown in the vi­sion, but I get the feel­ing that the per­son on the side of the wall in the room I was stay­ing in was a fe­male and she was the one that opened the hid­den door and was sneak­ing into the man’s room next door.

I get the dis­tinct feel­ing that the hid­den door has since been re­moved and the wall re­stored. DUST Psy­chic Re­ports, Childers Cases

Rick Bur­den, Founder/In­ves­ti­ga­tor/



GHOST STO­RIES: The Down Un­der Spirit team looked into the ghosts of Ap­ple Tree Creek.

NIGHT VI­SION: The Grand Ho­tel of­fered up cryptic in­sights in a night vi­sion.

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