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DRY con­di­tions con­tin­ued through­out the dis­trict, with no sig­nif­i­cant rain­fall recorded across the cane sup­ply area this week.

Day­time tem­per­a­tures are ris­ing, which trig­gers eva­po­ra­tion lev­els to also rise which in­creases the need for ir­ri­ga­tion.

Cane that was har­vested early in the sea­son will now be re­quir­ing ir­ri­ga­tion.

The stand­ing crop is also suf­fer­ing but grow­ers would need to ex­er­cise cau­tion be­fore ir­ri­gat­ing these blocks, with crush­ing ex­pected to be con­cluded by late Oc­to­ber or very early Novem­ber.

The mill crushed 66,139.68 tonnes of cane for the week.

This brought the sea­son to date fig­ure to 927,684.28 tonnes, which means that we have crushed around 72.5% of the es­ti­mated crop.

The cur­rent es­ti­mate is 1,278,932 tonnes and af­ter pro­vi­sions for cane plants it is ex­pected that 1,250,000 tonnes of cane will be pro­cessed through the Isis Mill for the 2015 sea­son.

Hope­fully there will be some sig­nif­i­cant rain­fall events in the very near fu­ture to sus­tain the cur­rent crop and get next year’s crop off to a good start.

Weekly CCS rose to 15.11 units and the year to date CCS fig­ure has now climbed to 13.90 units.

Q208 re­mained the dom­i­nant va­ri­ety for week 15, mak­ing up 23.79% of the to­tal sup­ply. This va­ri­ety, suited to most lo­ca­tions, recorded good CCS re­sults of 15.61 units for the 15,731 tonnes supplied this week.

The cane va­ri­eties KQ228, Q183, Q208 and Q232 were all con­tenders for the high­est in­di­vid­ual CCS test for this week, and the high­est in­di­vid­ual CCS was at­trib­uted to a Wallav­ille grower who supplied the va­ri­ety KQ228 4R with a very im­pres­sive 18.26 units of CCS.

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