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Troy Ma­dle for mayor

BRC: Dear Mara, (re­ply to T&C ar­ti­cle, Septem­ber 24):

As stated in the list of what I stand for. I did say that pro­tect­ing our valu­able agri­cul­tural land was a pri­or­ity of mine.

How­ever, this sec­tor, as you know, is con­trolled by the state and fed­eral gov­ern­ments and as a mayor one is lim­ited to what they can do.

How­ever, I will sup­port sub­mis­sions to state and fed­eral gov­ern­ments to pro­tect our land and un­der­wa­ter sup­plies etc.

I do not have an in-depth un­der­stand­ing about shale gas and tight gas frack­ing and CSG. I do un­der­stand from what I have read and seen on re­ports on tele­vi­sion the de­struc­tion done by some of these oper­a­tions.

I do have con­cerns as to who will clean up the mess af­ter the re­sources are ex­tracted and the con­trac­tors have long gone.

As I have stated to you, I am not against all min­ing oper­a­tions as this is also an im­por­tant rev­enue stream for our state.

Each ap­pli­ca­tion for the above oper­a­tions does have to pass an EIS and this is the time when we can look very closely at each op­er­a­tion on its merit.

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