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TUES­DAY Oc­to­ber 6: J/Pot Pairs – G. Sum­mer, B. Gib­son d B. Cowan, D. Jones 24-13. D. Saun­ders, M. Bold­er­son, R. Cle­ments d B. McKen­zie, A. Ritchie, P. Mete 25-24. Thur Oc­to­ber 8 – D. Ha­ley, D. Pratt, R. Cle­ments d P. Jack­son, R. Saun­ders, B. Cowan 24-16. Sun­day 11 OctA. Pearl, R. Lin­ton, C. Bold­er­son d G. Green, J. New­ton, R. Zim­i­tat 18-9. L. Grant, D. Pratt d M. Bold­er­son, P. Jack­son 13-12. Isis Bowls Club AGM was held last Sun­day Oc­to­ber 11. Most po­si­tions were filled. We are still look­ing for a Games Di­rec­tor. If you feel you may fit the po­si­tion or give it a go, please let Rex Cle­ments know. You will not be on Your own as there are quite a few vol­un­teers who would be will­ing to as­sist you. Sun­day Oc­to­ber 18 (this week­end) Isis B.C. will be vis­it­ing Boonooroo B.C, cars de­part­ing from Isis Bowls club at 10.45 am. Names in book please.


TUES­DAY Oc­to­ber 6: Ladies So­cial – C. Cay­ley, W. Reeves, A. Win­zar d D. Nel­son, D. Essery, Y. Turner 19-11. L. Kelly, R. Bishop, C. Firth d B. Thompson/J. West, M. Ib­bert­son, G. Newby 25-17. E. Atkin­son, D. Ensby d C. Geaney, C. Hoff­man 20-16. A. Sleep, A. Van Der Loos d V. Bird, Y. El­lis 28-11. Wed­nes­day Septem­ber 7: Men’s So­cial – G. Haynes, K. Sleep, A. Essery d J. Jalpin, W. Ben­son, R. Rid­ward. 24-19. P. Wil­liams, G. Loy­dell. R. Hoff­man d G. Turner, K. Zipp , G. Sum­mers. 23-17. K. Geaney, T. Trichel, B. Hooke d J. Daniels, R. Hill, R. Win­zar. 18-13. P. Walk­ing­ton, R. Weir, R. Byrnes d T. O’Shea, C. Ens­bey, M. Strano. 22-18. P. Nel­son, J. Reeves, I. Kirby d G. Scott, B. Cay­ley, B. Gib­son. 36-21. G. Ib­bert­son, A. Ritchie, P. West d B. Toby, J. Neils, R. Man­der­son. 26-17. N. Loder, E. Soes­man, R. Han­nah d R. Cauchi, G. Mad­sen , W. Nel­son. 24-23. R. Everett, D. Hauesler, R. Bunn d N. Tucker, M. Robo, T. Mach 38-5.K. Zipf, K. El­lis, R. Royan d G. Bishop, M. Van Der Loos, R. Hen­der­son. 17 all on ends won. Thurs­day Oc­to­ber 8: Jack­pot Triples Mixed So­cial – E. Atkin­son, I. Kirby d K. Geaney, R. Han­nah. 27-10. L. Han­nah, A. Van Der Loos d J. Kirby, B. Cay­ley 20-17. J. Brooks, R. Mackie, R. Weir d L. Kelly, J. Neels, W. Nel­son. 22-18. C. Cay­ley, C. Geaney, M. Van Der Loos d N. Loder, N. Neels, W. Galway 19-17. Satur­day Oc­to­ber 10: Men’s B Grade Pairs – K. Geaney, M. Royan d J. Reeves, G. Haynes. 229 -133. Mixed Jack­pot Pairs – D. Hauesler, B. Toby d J. Haplin, M. Robin­son. 26-7. M. James, E. James d E. Bell, B. Cay­ley. 23-16. D. Hume, D. Hume d L. Han­nah, R. Han­nah. 24-18. C. Ens­bey, R. Royan d G. Ib­bert­son, B. Gib­son. 27-17. A. Essery, W. McUtchen d N. Tucker, R. Weir. 30-20. N. Blair, G. Mad­sen d P. Mar­shall, K. Zipf. 30-18. Sun­day Oc­to­ber 11: Mixed So­cial – Jesse, J. Neels, K. El­lis d N. Neels, Y. El­lis, B. Toby.29-6. R. Mackey, R. Royan d G. Bishop, A. Van Der Loos. 22-13. R. Bishop, N. Mickle d E. McCaf­frey, M. Van Der Loos. 25-20.

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