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5 Which city in Jor­dan was known as Philadel­phia in Ro­man times? (5)

8/9 What killed crim­i­nals Will­burn and Frizzel in Florida on Oc­to­ber 6, 1941? (8,5) 10 What time of day is gloam­ing? (8) 11 Which mon­e­tary unit of Is­rael is equal to one hun­dredth of a shekel? (5)

14 On in­ter­na­tional ve­hi­cle reg­is­tra­tion, what is the ab­bre­vi­a­tion for Aus­tralia? (3)

16/17 Which former wife of Rod Stew­art bared all for Play­boy mag­a­zine in 2004? (6,6)

18 The name Deb­o­rah comes from the He­brew for what in­sect? (3)

20 Which 1956 film star­ring James Dean was Warner’s top-gross­ing film un­til Su­per­man in 1978? (5)

24 What eye­glasses are held in place only by a clip over the bridge of the nose? (5-3)

25/26 Who, in 1911, be­came the first to reach the South Pole? (5,8)

27 What (__ River) was the Congo River called from 1971 to 1997? (5)


1 Which is Aus­tralia’s fourth-largest city? (5) 2 Who was the first leader of com­mu­nist Rus­sia? (5)

3 What word can fol­low land­ing, drag and comic? (5)

4 Which Hindu de­ity is wor­shipped as the pro­tec­tor and pre­server of the world? (6)

6 What wood su­per­seded wal­nut as the fash­ion­able wood for fur­ni­ture in 1700s Eng­land? (8) 7 What are large en­clo­sures for birds? (8) 12 Win­nipeg is the cap­i­tal of which Cana­dian prov­ince? (8)

13 Which writer (Ray­mond __) cre­ated de­tec­tive hero Philip Mar­lowe? (8) 14 What white vest­ment is worn by clergy? (3) 15 Which song did Elvis Costello sing in the film Not­ting Hill? (3)

19 The best-known en­cod­ing ma­chine used by Ger­mans in WWII was named what? (6) 21 What is a sub­di­vi­sion of an act in a play? (5) 22 An acute but non­spe­cific sense of anx­i­ety (5) 23 What has the for­mula O3? (5)

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