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1 Who sang and acted from the 1940s to the 1960s be­fore re­tir­ing and ded­i­cat­ing her­self to dog wel­fare? (5,3) 7 Which is Africa’s largest city? (5) 8 Which coun­try lies be­tween Nicaragua and Panama? (5,4) 9 What word can pre­cede force, raid and gun? (3) 10 In print­mak­ing, what liq­uid is used to etch metal plates? (4) 11 What type of elec­tric­ity is cre­ated by a Van de Graaff gen­er­a­tor? (6) 13 Who, when apol­o­gis­ing to Prince Charles for call­ing him a “grov­el­ling lit­tle bas­tard” said “I sup­pose a knight­hood is out of the ques­tion.”? (5,8) 15 What dec­o­ra­tive style was dom­i­nant in France be­tween about 1700 and 1750? (6) 16 Who, in the Bible, was the first king of Is­rael? (4) 18 What is a long stole of feath­ers, worn around the neck? (3) 20 What eaten sub­stance did healer Christopher Lud­wig Hoff­mann claim cured Car­di­nal Riche­lieu’s ill­nesses? (9) 21 What makes the white cliffs of Dover white? (5) 22 What is the cap­i­tal of Ser­bia? (8)


1 What is a coun­try house in Rus­sia? (5) 2 Who com­posed the opera The Bar­ber of Seville? (7) 3 Ac­cord­ing to a fa­ble, what bird sings beau­ti­fully just be­fore it dies? (4) 4 Who de­liv­ered his Let­ter From Amer­ica via the ra­dio for 58 years? (8,5) 5 Ru­pert Brooke was im­pressed by what flower “in bloom, All be­fore my lit­tle room...” (5) 6 Which al­co­holic drink is named af­ter the county in Ken­tucky where it was first made? (7) 7 What type of soap, made with olive oil, was first pro­duced in Spain dur­ing the 13th cen­tury? (7) 12 The tail feath­ers of what bird are con­sid­ered un­lucky? (7) 13 Which aniseed-flavoured liqueur comes from Italy? (7) 14 In the 1980s, which Bri­tish TV com­pany opened its stu­dios to the pub­lic, cre­at­ing a ma­jor tourist at­trac­tion? (7) 15 What was Cor­po­ral Wal­ter O’Reilly’s nick­name in M*A*S*H? (5) 17 Who was Lerner’s mu­si­cal part­ner? (5) 19 What is the stan­dard mon­e­tary unit of Viet­nam?

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