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LADIES’ PAIRS TUES­DAY, Novem­ber 24: Ladies’ pa­troness 3 bowl pairs was played as the fi­nal of­fi­cial play day for 2015. It was a Mini Comp of two games of 15 ends played in a Mini Car­ni­val For­mat. It was played with much fun and laugh­ter in­dis­persed with se­ri­ous play. Win­ners were Carol Hoff­man and Ann Sleep. 2 wins plus 26. Run­ners–up Jan­ice Mewett and Car­men Cay­ley. 2 wins plus 19. Third Ann Win­zar and Robyn Bishop. 2 wins plus 11. Bal­ance Skips. H. Haeusler 1 win plus 6. C. Firth 1 win plus 4. Mau­reen Ib­bert­son 1 win plus 2. Pam Rap­pard 1 win plus 1. Doreen Ens­bey 1 win mi­nus 2. Zoe Watson 1 win mi­nus 2. Lorelle Matt­son 1 win mi­nus 5. June West 1 win mi­nus 7. G. Newby mi­nus. Evie Bell mi­nus. Y. El­lis mi­nus.

MEN’S SO­CIAL WED­NES­DAY, Novem­ber 25: P. Nel­son, D. Firth, G. Mewett, D. Mann def T. O’Shea, K. Sleep, G. Sum­mers, G. Sil­ver­thorne. 26 – 23. T. Gre­bert, P. Royan, W. Gal­way, M. Strano def J. Mor­ris­sey, R. Royan, R. Win­zar, R. Byrnes. 26 – 15. N. Loder, Trick, K. Geaney, R. Weir def P. Walk­ing­ton, E. Soes­man, J. Reeves, J. John­son. 19 – 16. L. Hay­den, A. Ritchie, P. Wil­liams, W. Heath def R. Cauchi, R. Everett, W. McUtchen, B. Gib­son. 33 – 14. M. Townson, G. Ib­bert­son, I. Kirby def B. Cay­ley, S. Boundy, G. Haynes. 29 – 11. Jesse, R. Bunn, P. West def G. Weir, A. Essery, R. Hoff­man. 24 – 13. G. Nut­tall, J. Hart, R. Hannah def D. Fer­rier, G. Loy­dell, B. Hooke. 18 all on ends won. E. McCaf­frey, P. Hart, C. Ens­bey def G. Bishop, W. Ben­son, A. McKin­non. 26 – 17.

TWI­LIGHT MIXED SO­CIAL THURS­DAY, Novem­ber 26, Jack­pot Triples: G. Nut­tall, M. Boundy, R. Hannah def N. Loder, J. Mewett, J. Heath. 17 – 15. C. Cay­ley, J. John­son, I. Kirby def G. Mewett, M. Townsend, T. Heath. 24 – 21. L. Kelly, J. Kirby, R. Weir def K. Matt­son, L. Matt­son, C. Firth. 27 – 13. G. Lenz, J. Cheers, S. Boundy def A. Gal­way, W. Gal­way, B. Gal­way. 29 – 5.

JACK­POT PAIRS SATUR­DAY, Novem­ber 28: A. McKin­non, D. Fer­rier def G. Bishop, J. John­son. 24 – 16. N. Blair, G. Sum­mers def A. Win­zar, R. Win­zar. 24 – 17. G. Mewett, G. Weir def G. Newby, E. McCaf­frey. 18 – 14. A. Van Der Loos, K. El­lis def C. Firth, D. Firth. 21 – 18. R. Hill, W. McUtchen def J. Daniels, M. Strano. 23 – 19. Jesse, R. Weir def J. Mewett, R. Byrnes. 27 – 19. B. Cay­ley, A. Essery def C. Ens­bey, R. Royan. 21 – 19. R. Bunn, B. Mann def M. Mon­a­han, B. Gib­son. 40 – 7. R. Bishop, R. Hannah def R. Bishop, D. Haeusler. 18 – 13. G. Ib­bert­son, S. Boundy def A. Sleep, K. Sleep. 30 – 14. C. Hoff­man, R. Hoff­man def P. Walk­ing­ton, G. Loy­dell. 29 – 14.


SUN­DAY, Novem­ber 29: Jesse, F. Davies def E. Bell, R. Royan. 22 – 16. G. Mewett, R. Byrnes def N. Loder, J. Mewett. 31 – 14. K. El­lis, B. Gib­son def S. Weir, E. McCaf­frey. 28 – 8. R. Bishop, G. Weir def G. Bishop, R. Weir. 23 – 18. M. Boundy, M. Van Der Loos def J. Davies, Y. El­lis. 21 – 15.


LIN­ING IT UP: Lisa Edgar, 16, plays in the Ian Baker Finch Ju­nior Clas­sic at Twin Wa­ters Golf Club.

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