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7 Which river rises in north­ern China, flows west­wards into Kaza­khstan, then joins the River Ob in Rus­sia? (6) 8/10 What fa­cil­ity did Rome have 141 of in 315AD? (6,7) 11 What was Lu­ciano Pavarotti’s fa­ther’s oc­cu­pa­tion? (5) 12 The liqueur ad­vo­caat con­tains sugar, brandy and what other in­gre­di­ent? (4) 13 Who is “Cham­pion of the World” in Roald Dahl’s 1975 book? (5) 17 A unit of weight for pre­cious stones and pearls (5) 18 What is a com­part­ment of a hon­ey­comb called? (4) 22 What is a cas­trated do­mes­tic cock fat­tened for eat­ing? (5) 23 What ra­dioac­tive sub­stance was once much used to make yel­low glass? (7) 24 Who is miss­ing from this line- up: thief, sailor, poor man, sol­dier, rich man, tin­ker, beg­gar-man? (6) 25 Which state is the USA’s south­ern­most? (6)


1 How many ounces are there in a pound? (7) 2 What are plucked in pizzi­cato? (7) 3 The long flex­i­ble shoots of what wil­low are used in bas­ket­work? (5) 4 Which town in south-western Cal­i­for­nia is noted for its prom­i­nent film and tele­vi­sion in­dus­tries? (7) 5 Which English poet (Wil­liam __) en­graved and il­lus­trated his own books? (5) 6 A group or set of twenty (5) 9 The spear-shaped shoots of which plant of the lily fam­ily are eaten as a veg­etable? (9) 14 What op­ti­cal phe­nom­e­non can be seen only when the sun is be­hind you? (7) 15 “I saw the light on the night that I passed by her win­dow” be­gins which Tom Jones hit song? (7) 16 The loser of which easy card game is left with an un­paired card? (3,4) 19 Who (Cap­tain Robert Fal­con __) died on his sec­ond ex­pe­di­tion to the Antarc­tic? (5) 20 The lan­guage of which coun­try gave us the word vig­i­lante? (5) 21 Inuit qayaq gave us what word? (5)

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