Isis Town and Country - - Crossword/Puzzles -

1. In what decade was the Aus­tralian chocolate Freddo Frog in­vented?

2. What sweet sub­stance is added to whisky in making Dram­buie?

3. Which US film stu­dios were founded by Harry, Sam, Al­bert and Jack?

4. “Violence run forth” is an ana­gram of which late 18th­cen­tury event in Europe?

5. Which Madonna sin­gle and video were con­demned by the Vat­i­can in 1989?

6. What colour are Ru­pert Bear’s trousers?

7. Which coun­try is clos­est to where the Ti­tanic was found?

8. If some­one is gravid, what are they?

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