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1. “I am a lucky woman be­cause I was born with the price­less gift – the abil­ity to laugh at the mis­for­tune of oth­ers,” said which Barry Humphries’ char­ac­ter?

2. Lance Hill is noted for in­vent­ing which clothes dry­ing item?

3. Which pop­u­lar Aus­tralian bis­cuit is tra­di­tion­ally made with­out eggs be­cause of their scarcity in World War I?

4. Kindly learn to sing in tune,” ad­vised Bernard King to which Aus­tralian singing star as a nine-yearold on the TV show Pot of Gold?

5. What is the term for the an­nual com­mem­o­ra­tion day for the Stolen Gen­er­a­tion on 26 May?

6. Which South Aus­tralian town, es­tab­lished as a re­stricted ac­cess town­ship in 1947, was named af­ter an Abo­rig­i­nal throw­ing stick?

7. Which rugby Test player and war hero in­sisted in his will that he be buried in his Wal­laby jer­sey?

8. Which vil­lain did Heath Ledger play in the 2008 movie The Dark Knight?

9. Which type of ap­ple was cul­ti­vated by Maria Ann Smith in East­wood, New South Wales, in 1868?

10. Which horse won the Mel­bourne Cup in 2003, 2004 and 2005?

11. In 2011, fed­eral min­is­ter Kate El­lis re­ported that Kevin Rudd de­scribed who as “child­less, athe­ist and an ex-com­mu­nist”?

12. Which Tas­ma­nian town is pro­moted as “the town of mu­rals”?

13. What was the term for the 189293 dis­pute con­ducted in a pop­u­lar mag­a­zine be­tween Henry Law­son and Banjo Pater­son?

14. In 1989, who did John Howard say was “stupid, lack­ing wis­dom, fool­ish and nar­row-minded” for not giv­ing him the shadow port­fo­lio of his choice – de­fence or for­eign af­fairs?

15. In 2012, which iconic Aus­tralian chocolate man­u­fac­turer was placed into vol­un­tary ad­min­is­tra­tion?

16. The Matil­das are the Aus­tralian women’s team in which sport?

17. In 1983, which NSW premier stood aside af­ter al­le­ga­tions he sought to in­flu­ence a mag­is­trate?

18. Which Aus­tralian ad­dressed a crowd of about 200 from a bal­cony of the Ecuadorean Em­bassy in Lon­don in 2012?

19. Aus­tralia’s petrol price is de­ter­mined by the the­o­ret­i­cal cal­cu­la­tion of the cost to ship a load of petrol from which coun­try?

20. The time taken for No­vak Djokovic to beat Rafael Nadal in the 2012 Aus­tralian Open men’s ten­nis sin­gles fi­nal was (a) 3h53m (b) 4h53m (c) 5h53m?

21. Which iconic Aus­tralian band also per­formed and recorded un­der the name High­way?

22. Which Wig­gle was Cleo mag­a­zine’s 1999 Bach­e­lor of the Year?

23. In his 2012 book, the ex-hus­band of which Perth bil­lion­aire claimed that he was forced to sit on a blan­ket in a garage at her man­sion dur­ing ac­cess vis­its with their two chil­dren?

24. From 1854 to 1856, bushranger Martin Cash was an overseer of the Royal Botan­i­cal Gar­dens in (a) Ho­bart (b) Perth (c) Sydney?

25.Which Aus­tralian city hosted the 2014 G20 sum­mit?

26. In 1967, which Aus­tralian Tour de France com­peti­tor was ap­pointed Aus­tralian High Com­mis­sioner to Malta?

27. In which state did the up­per house of par­lia­ment vote it­self out of ex­is­tence in 1922?

28. In 1869, which fu­ture Western Aus­tralian premier led an ex­pe­di­tion in search of Lud­wig Le­ich­hardt?

29. Is Antarc­tica or Aus­tralia the larger con­ti­nent?

30. In 2012, which for­mer NSW premier was ap­pointed CEO of Bas­ket­ball Aus­tralia?

31. Which “celebrity crim­i­nal” was once banned from fir­ing the starter’s pis­tol at his son’s lit­tle ath­let­ics group?

32. Book­mak­ing gi­ant Cen­tre­bet orig­i­nated in which city?

33. What was the name of the speech about Aus­tralia’s mid­dle class de­liv­ered by Robert Men­zies in 1942?

34. In 1992, which Western Aus­tralian businessman mar­ried TV star Peta Top­pano?

35. In 2012, Larry Em­dur cel­e­brated his 1500th episode as host of which TV game show?

36. The brother of which car rac­ing star was a stunt driver in the 1979 movie Mad Max?

37. Which 17-year-old was preg­nant when she sang in the rock mu­si­cal Hair in Sydney in 1970?

38. Who played out­back child He­len Thomp­son in the 1983 movie Bush Christ­mas?

39. What is the term for the 1970s’ tax eva­sion scheme which in­volved strip­ping a com­pany of its as­sets and ac­cu­mu­lated prof­its be­fore its tax be­came due?

40. In 2012, who be­came the first Aus­tralian swim­mer to com­pete in four Olympics?

41. “They were long and wiry na­tives of the rugged moun­tain­side and the horse was never sad­dled that the Gee­bungs couldn’t ride,” are lines from which poem?

42. In 1977, which three re­li­gious bod­ies merged to form the Unit­ing Church in Aus­tralia? 43. Which Queens­land artist’s works in­clude the draw­ings of Queen El­iz­a­beth II on the $5 note and Dame Nel­lie Melba on the $100 note?

44. Which Aus­tralian prime min­is­ter was sacked from his first job as a sales as­sis­tant in a depart­ment store with his pa­pers stamped “never to be re-em­ployed”?

45. The TV po­lice drama, Rush, was set in which city?

46. Which Aus­tralian started in 126 For­mula One races from 1955 to 1970?

47. In Mel­bourne in 2012, who was sen­tenced to 30 years’ jail for head­ing a multi-mil­lion dol­lar drug traf­fick­ing em­pire?

48. In 1972, the Aus­tralian Fed­eral Po­lice gave which English rock star 48 hours to leave the coun­try af­ter mar­i­juana pos­ses­sion and as­sault in­ci­dents in Ade­laide?

49. In the 1980s, which Aus­tralian en­tre­pre­neur/ad­ven­turer was the con­duc­tor aboard a Lon­don dou­ble-decker bus which jumped 15 mo­tor­cy­cles?

50. Which two Aus­tralian shoot­ers com­peted in their sixth Olympics in 2012?

This quiz was com­piled by Roy O’Reilly from the Aus­tralian En­cy­clopae­dia; Aus­tralian Ref­er­ence Book; Aus­tralia’s En­ter­tain­ers; Book of Aus­tralian Facts; The Bul­letin Al­manac 1994; Chron­i­cle of Aus­tralia; The Mac­quarie Book of Events; More Great Aussie Trivia; When Was That?; The Courier-Mail; The Sun­day Mail; Time.

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