Safety warn­ing for hov­er­boards

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THE ACCC has iden­ti­fied two safety con­cerns with hov­er­boards – fires have oc­curred from the faulty de­sign of some hov­er­board charg­ers, and user in­juries through falls.

Hov­er­boards have an in-built bat­tery, charged by con­nec­tion to a mains power source.

Elec­tri­cal safety ex­perts ad­vise that fires are likely if the prod­ucts don’t com­ply with Aus­tralian elec­tri­cal re­quire­ments, or the charger is meant for an­other de­vice.

En­sure the pack­ag­ing is marked with the Aus­tralian reg­u­la­tory com­pli­ance sym­bol or RCM – a tick sur­rounded by a tri­an­gle.

A reg­u­la­tory com­pli­ance mark is placed on the ex­ter­nal sur­face of the de­vice and as near as pos­si­ble to the model iden­ti­fi­ca­tion.

The ACCC ad­vises con­sumers to ex­am­ine the prod­uct for th­ese mark­ings and to con­tact their sup­plier to ver­ify if the ap­pli­ance is ap­proved for use.

Con­sumers can also ac­cess the Aus­tralian Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Pub­lic Data­base to search for ap­proved elec­tri­cal ap­pli­ances.

Over­charg­ing non-com­pli­ant devices may cause over­heat­ing of the bat­tery and re­sult in a fire

Al­ways use the ap­proved bat­tery charger that came with the prod­uct.

If there are signs of dam­age near the bat­tery, do not charge the unit un­til the de­vice is in­spected by a pro­fes­sional.

Hov­er­board own­ers are ad­vised to fol­low the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions ex­actly when us­ing and charg­ing their hov­er­board.

Adults should su­per­vise the charg­ing of all elec­tri­cal devices for chil­dren.

Con­sumers should check the re­calls web­site to see if their prod­uct or charger has been re­called.

Re­calls to date:

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eBay Trader Sel­loProd­ucts: Self-Bal­anc­ing two-heel elec­tric scooter.

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Go Easy Aus­tralia: Go Skitz self-bal­anc­ing E Board mod­els S01 and S03 (charger only).

Mod Prod­ucts: Mod Board model MOD001(charger).


PROD­UCT RE­CALL: Some hov­er­boards are be­ing re­called over safety con­cerns.

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